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CarbonROM Changelog

*Changes do not indicate successful weekly compilation*

--- Changed on 2017-11-22 ---

android_device_xiaomi_armani: armani: Grant rmt_storage proper unix perms

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: cancro: Grant rmt_storage proper unix perms

android_device_xiaomi_armani: armani: Remove DAC override permission from netmgrd

android_device_xiaomi_armani: Grant netmgrd proper unix perms

--- Changed on 2017-11-20 ---

android_device_cyanogen_msm8916-common: Revert "msm8916-common: Disable adaptative LMK"

--- Changed on 2017-11-19 ---

android_system_core: Allow firmware loading from ODM partition

android: manifest: track our own netd repo

android_system_netd: Invalidate dst caches when changing network permissions.

android_system_netd: Don't allow seamless handover to networks requiring permissions.

android_build: Bump Security String to 2017-11-06

android_build: Update Security String to 2017-11-05

android_frameworks_native: DO NOT MERGE Remove window obscurement information.

android_system_bt: SDP: Bounds check 'id' parameter for free_sdp_slot()

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: Ensure IMS dial uses the correct CLIR mode.

android_system_core: Fix integer overflow in utf{16,32}_to_utf8_length

android_packages_apps_PackageInstaller: Backport overlay security fix

android_frameworks_base: DPC should not be allowed to grant development permission

android_frameworks_av: Track graphic buffer mode in OMXNodeInstance

android_frameworks_av: EffectBundle: Check parameter and value size

android_external_libmpeg2: Propagating Error From impeg2d_pre_pic_dec_proc

android_external_libmpeg2: Check on Picture Dimensions

android_external_libmpeg2: Fix Half Pel MC on Last Ref Row

android_external_libmpeg2: Check Number of MBs to Skip.

android_external_libmpeg2: Replace memcpy with memmove to Solve Memory Overlap Error

android_external_libhevc: Added an out of bound check on u4_num_bufs in input argument

android_external_libhevc: Fix tile index buf alloc size

android_external_libavc: Decoder: Updated error check while parsing num_ref_idx_lx_active.

android_external_libavc: Decoder: Corrected variable datatypes in ih264d_get_implicit_weights.

android_external_libavc: Added an out of bound check on u4_num_bufs in input argument

android_external_libavc: Decoder: Conceal picture only if valid picture buffer is obtained.

--- Changed on 2017-11-09 ---

android_device_nvidia_shieldtablet: Update recovery init file

android_device_nvidia_shieldtablet: Add twrp support

android_device_nvidia_shieldtablet: Move common include to propogate flags correctly

android_device_nvidia_shieldtablet: model_frontal.xml is now in vendor

android_device_nvidia_shieldtablet: Refactor custom init

android_device_nvidia_shieldtablet: Cancel out Nvidia framework enhancement flags.

--- Changed on 2017-10-28 ---

android_kernel_google_dragon: ALSA: seq: Fix use-after-free at creating a port

android_kernel_google_dragon: Bluetooth: Properly check L2CAP config option output buffer length

--- Changed on 2017-10-19 ---

android_kernel_cyanogen_msm8916: deconfig: its carbon

android_kernel_cyanogen_msm8916: tomato_deconfig: Disable CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE

android_kernel_cyanogen_msm8916: msm_performance: make touch boost optional

android_kernel_cyanogen_msm8916: arch:arm:dts: Set initial-pwrlevel to 3

android_kernel_cyanogen_msm8916: mac80211: use constant time comparison with keys

android_kernel_cyanogen_msm8916: mac80211: accept key reinstall without changing anything

android_kernel_cyanogen_msm8916: crypto: memneq - fix for archs without efficient unaligned access

android_kernel_cyanogen_msm8916: crypto: more robust crypto_memneq

android_device_yu_tomato: gps: Cleanup makefiles

android_device_yu_tomato: Xtra Fixes - https, version check & version 3

android_device_yu_tomato: tomato: Remove libI420colorconvert

android_device_yu_tomato: tomato: Remove 32-bit GPS libraries

android_device_yu_tomato: extract-files: Default to sanitize vendor folder during extraction

android_device_yu_tomato: tomato: Add kernel flags

android_device_cyanogen_msm8916-common: msm8916: Remove obsolete /dev/color_enhancement from ueventd

android_device_cyanogen_msm8916-common: msm8916: Remove libextmedia_jni package

android_device_cyanogen_msm8916-common: msm8916: Remove unused BoardConfig flags

android_device_cyanogen_msm8916-common: msm8916: Move kernel flags to devices

android_device_cyanogen_msm8916-common: init: Check if power off alarm is set

android_device_cyanogen_msm8916-common: init: Use core init function to read from files

--- Changed on 2017-10-18 ---

android_build: core: Prefix and build bison host executable if needed

android_build: core: config: Use host bison if requested

android: manifest: track our own bison

android_external_bison: lib: vasnprintf: Fix illegal instruction

android_bionic: linker: Allow devices to force shim libs

android_packages_apps_PackageInstaller: Revert "DO NOT MERGE Disable overlays while installer is resumed"

--- Changed on 2017-10-17 ---

android_bionic: linker: add support for odm partition

android_bionic: libc: add /odm/bin to the DEFPATH

android_bionic: Move /vendor/bin down with /vendor/xbin.

android_bionic: Add /vendor/xbin to root's path.

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: Clear PMK length and check for this when deriving PTK

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: Add debug prints on PMK configuration in WPA supplicant

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: WPA: Extra defense against PTK reinstalls in 4-way handshake

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: Remove all PeerKey functionality

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: Add MGMT_TX_STATUS_PROCESS command for testing purposes

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: FT: Do not allow multiple Reassociation Response frames

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: WNM: Ignore WNM-Sleep Mode Response without pending request

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: TDLS: Reject TPK-TK reconfiguration

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: Fix PTK rekeying to generate a new ANonce

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: Prevent installation of an all-zero TK

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: Extend protection of GTK/IGTK reinstallation of WNM-Sleep Mode cases

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: Prevent reinstallation of an already in-use group key

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: hostapd: Avoid key reinstallation in FT handshake

android_external_wpa_supplicant_8: Set EAPOL-Key Key Length field to 0 for group message 1/2 in RSN

android_device_yu_tomato: tomato: Update media blobs from kipper TOS125B

android_device_yu_tomato: tomato: Update post-processing blobs from kipper TOS125B

android_device_yu_tomato: tomato: Update DRM blobs from kipper TOS125B

--- Changed on 2017-10-15 ---

android_vendor_carbon: prebuilts: update substratum prebuilt apk

--- Changed on 2017-10-13 ---

android_build: repopick: use https for gerrit

android_kernel_motorola_msm8953: Bluetooth: Properly check L2CAP config option output buffer length

--- Changed on 2017-10-12 ---

android: manifest: track our own dnsmasq and libmpeg2

android_packages_apps_PackageInstaller: DO NOT MERGE Disable overlays while installer is resumed

android_build: [DO NOT MERGE] Update platform security string to 2017-10-05 in nyc-dev Bug:64896113 (cherry picked from commit 1517f3d2da27eae798a3ac765096251914f9b119)

android_frameworks_base: Fix security hole in GateKeeperResponse.

android_frameworks_base: Enforce policy for camera gesture in keyguard

android_external_libmpeg2: Fixed Memory Overflow Errors

android_external_dnsmasq: Add extra (size_t) cast to avoid compiler warning.

android_external_dnsmasq: Make dnsmasq more stable.

android_hardware_ril: DO NOT MERGE Fix security vulnerability in pre-O rild code.

android_packages_apps_Settings: Disabling the activate button when paused

android_libcore: Fix failing FileTest#test_canonicalCachesAreOff()

android_libcore: Disable File.getCanonicalPath caches.

android_external_tremolo: Fix out of bounds access in codebook processing

android_external_libhevc: Fix slice decrement for skipped slices

android_external_libhevc: Ensure CTB size > 16 for clips with tiles and width/height >= 4096

android_build: [DO NOT MERGE] Update platform security string to 2017-10-01 in nyc-dev Bug:64896113 (cherry picked from commit 73ab80dec9df8966bf660725dc1a942d9c1f324e)

android_frameworks_av: Fix 'potential memory leak' compiler warning.

android_frameworks_av: Check buffer size in useBuffer in software components

android_frameworks_av: stagefright: avoid buffer overflow in base64 decoder

android_frameworks_av: Add EFFECT_CMD_SET_PARAM parameter checking to Downmix and Reverb

android_frameworks_av: Fix memory leak in OggExtractor

android_frameworks_av: Skip track if verification fails

--- Changed on 2017-10-11 ---

android_external_libhevc: Limit boundary PU sizes in case of errors

android_external_libhevc: Fix array size for hrd parameters

android_external_libhevc: Check number of output buffers and sizes

android_external_libhevc: Return error for invalid crop parameters

--- Changed on 2017-09-24 ---

android_kernel_google_marlin: Bluetooth: Properly check L2CAP config option output buffer length

--- Changed on 2017-09-22 ---

android_device_leeco_s2: s2: add btnvtool

android_device_leeco_s2: s2: set default network to 22, remove lteOnGsmDevice

--- Changed on 2017-09-18 ---

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: Bluetooth: Properly check L2CAP config option output buffer length

android_build: Updating Security String to 2017-09-05 Bug:63846344

android_frameworks_minikin: Reject unsorted cmap entries. DO NOT MERGE

android_external_sonivox: Fix interpolator

android_external_libvpx: DO NOT MERGE libvpx: Cherry-pick 8b4c315 from upstream

android_packages_apps_Settings: Back-port ag/2491664

android_packages_apps_Nfc: Add READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for file based Uri while beaming.

android_external_tremolo: Use heap instead of alloca in res012.c

android_packages_apps_Messaging: 37742976 - Catch bad gifs

android_external_skia: Defend against ICOs with large BMPs embedded DO NOT MERGE

android_frameworks_base: Back-port fixes for b/62196835

android_hardware_qcom_audio: Equalizer: Check value size for get preset name

android_external_libavc: Decoder: Fixed allocation of pv_map_ref_idx_to_poc_buf.

android_external_libavc: Decoder: Fixed overflow in refernce list creation.

android_external_libavc: Initialize DPB structures to valid values.

android_external_libavc: Added error check for output buffer size.

android_frameworks_av: MPEG4Source: fix fragmented read.

android_frameworks_av: stagefright: fix crash due to bad timestamp index

android_frameworks_av: stagefright: check aac_frame_length to prevent infinite loop

android_frameworks_av: MediaPlayerService: fix access of mPlayer in client

android_frameworks_av: audio effects: filter reserved effect commands

android_frameworks_av: MPEG4Extractor: ensure returned status is checked.

android_frameworks_av: DO NOT MERGE Check frame handle validity before freeing buffer.

android_frameworks_av: Change MPEG2 reinit Error Handling

android_frameworks_av: Track: Check buffer size of static tracks

android_frameworks_av: MPEG4Extractor: check size for yrrc box

android_frameworks_av: AudioFlinger: Fix memory allocation for client-less tracks

android_frameworks_av: Notify Errors Appropriately from SoftMPEG2

android_frameworks_av: EffectBundle: Check value size for get preset name

android_frameworks_av: Fix TOCTOU problem in libstagefright_soft_aacenc

android: manifest: fork several AOSP repos for the september ASB

--- Changed on 2017-09-17 ---

android_system_bt: Add missing extension length check while parsing BNEP control packets

android_system_bt: Free p_pending_data from tBNEP_CONN to avoid potential memory leaks

android_system_bt: Add a missing check for PAN buffer size before copying data

android_system_bt: Add missing packet length checks while parsing BNEP control packets

android_system_bt: Add missing continuation offset check for SDP continuation requests

android_system_bt: Disable PAN Reverse Tethering when connection originated by the Remote

android_system_bt: Allocate buffers of the right size when BT_HDR is included

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: Bluetooth: Properly check L2CAP config option output buffer length

--- Changed on 2017-09-16 ---

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: CD: squashed changes for Delta

--- Changed on 2017-09-08 ---

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: build CarbonDelta

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: Use CarbonFibers Icon for delta

android_packages_apps_Settings: Integrate CarbonDelta into Settings

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: CD: Update Delta URLs and version handling

--- Changed on 2017-09-06 ---

android_device_zuk_z2_plus: remove bad flags

--- Changed on 2017-09-02 ---

android_device_cyanogen_msm8916-common: Revert "msm8916-common: Die ant+"

android_device_yu_tomato: Add maintainer name

android_device_yu_tomato: Remove duplicate blob declaration

--- Changed on 2017-08-31 ---

android_device_leeco_s2: s2: camera: use proprietary hal

--- Changed on 2017-08-30 ---

ThemeResources: Remove CMUpdater

ThemeResources: themes: Update CarbonRom Theme resources

android_device_leeco_s2: s2:Revert doze, no CMSDK support.

android_device_leeco_s2: s2: import doze app from zl1

android_device_sony_castor_windy: castor-common: audio: Add Ultra-low-latency mixer_paths

android_device_sony_castor_windy: castor-common: audio: enable more compress offload sampling rates

android_device_sony_castor_windy: castor-common: audio: re-add low-latency-record path

android_device_sony_sirius: sirius: audio: Add Ultra-low-latency mixer_paths

android_device_sony_sirius: sirius: audio: enable more compress offload sampling rates

android_device_sony_sirius: sirius: audio: re-add low-latency-record path

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: Fix Sony_lights Backlight header

--- Changed on 2017-08-29 ---

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: Use prebuilt VanillaMusic [1/2]

android: manifest: Use prebuilt VanillaMusic [2/2]

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: lights: seperate led_backlight paths

--- Changed on 2017-08-28 ---

android_frameworks_base: Keyguard: Change fingerprint listening behavior

android_device_leeco_s2: Add missing config for Assertive Display

android_device_sony_common: common: track n-mr1 sepolicy

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Fix 3T front camera crash with Snap

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Added Sustained and VR perf mode powerhints in xml

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Add permissions for accessing thermal-engine

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Kang VR HAL from marlin

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: thermal-engine: Add thermal client library header

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Kang thermal HAL from marlin

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Kang marlin thermal config file

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Kang perfd stack from marlin

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Address wcnss_service denial

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Update blobs from OB22 / OB13

--- Changed on 2017-08-26 ---

android_vendor_carbon: charger: Remove battery_fail images

android_vendor_carbon: charger: Fix small battery capacity font

--- Changed on 2017-08-24 ---

android_device_sony_kitakami-common: OtgSwitch: Don't include unused cmsdk

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: Buttons: Add new action to perform camera button [2/2]

android_frameworks_base: base: input: add new action for camera button [1/2]

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: Buttons: Add single press actions [2/2]

android_frameworks_base: base: input: extend custom policy to allow for single press action [1/2]

--- Changed on 2017-08-23 ---

android_device_sony_rhine-common: deps: change order to include msm894-common deps files

android_device_leeco_s2: s2: camera: cleanup props we dont need

android_device_leeco_s2: s2: camera: import LA.BR.1.3.6_rb1.18 from caf, add cameraservice shim

--- Changed on 2017-08-22 ---

android_build: Revert "envsetup: stop jack server once build completed"

android_build: envsetup: stop jack server once build completed

android_device_sony_honami: honami: add maintainer prop

--- Changed on 2017-08-21 ---

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: Add a common stub config for rhine

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: defconfig: honami: carbon

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: move some more common shims to msm8974-common

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: import more common shims from shinano

android_vendor_carbon: vendorsetup: add a6000

android_vendor_carbon: vendorsetup: add s2

android_vendor_carbon: vendorsetup: add tomato

android_vendor_carbon: vendorsetup: add honami

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: move common sepolicy to msm8974-common

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Move common shims to msm8974-common

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: import common sepolicy from shinano

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Move common shims from shinano

android_frameworks_support: RSSupport: Compile with OpenMP Support

android_frameworks_rs: rsCpuRef: Compile with OpenMP Support

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: move QC Timeservices flag from msm8974-common

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Move qcom time services flag to platform

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Import media_profiles.xml from common

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Move media_profiles.xml to platform too

android_frameworks_base: Support UnifiedNlp (microG)

--- Changed on 2017-08-20 ---

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Remove LOS specific overlays

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: cheeseburger: defconfig: add local name

--- Changed on 2017-08-19 ---

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: remove unnecessary BoardConfig flag

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: defconfig: disable CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO

--- Changed on 2017-08-18 ---

android_frameworks_support: RSSupport: Allow use of QSML

android_frameworks_rs: rsCpuRef: Allow use of QSML

--- Changed on 2017-08-17 ---

android_frameworks_base: fwb: Hide OP auto-HDR indicators from API

android_build: qc_target: build import perf vendor on qcom devices

android_frameworks_base: Enable auto-HDR indicator for OnePlus devices

android_frameworks_av: CameraService: set HAL1 as default if not automatically assigned.

android_frameworks_base: Set the HAL to LEGACY if the package is OnePlus Camera on a OP3

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Default to HAL1 if app is not specifically asking for HAL3

android_vendor_carbon: Revert "common: Use QCOM Perf vendor if we can"

android_vendor_carbon: common: Use QCOM Perf vendor if we can

--- Changed on 2017-08-16 ---

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: add highspeed recording profiles

--- Changed on 2017-08-15 ---

android_frameworks_base: base: input: add take screenshot to button actions

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: buttons: add screenshot

android_external_sqlite: sqlite: upgrade to SQLite 3.20.0

android_vendor_carbon: Update Turbo from August images

android_frameworks_base: Remove useless "battery" option from statusbar icons blacklist

android_frameworks_base: Fix SystemUI FC due to Google Assistant

android_device_oneplus_bacon: Revert "bacon: we have a device with 3GB RAM"

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: xfrm_user: validate XFRM_MSG_NEWAE XFRMA_REPLAY_ESN_VAL replay_window

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: sctp: deny peeloff operation on asocs with threads sleeping on it

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: irda: Fix lockdep annotations in hashbin_delete().

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: sctp: avoid BUG_ON on sctp_wait_for_sndbuf

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: tcp: do not lock listener to process SYN packets

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ipv4: keep skb->dst around in presence of IP options

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ping: implement proper locking

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: tty: n_hdlc: get rid of racy n_hdlc.tbuf

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: TTY: n_hdlc, fix lockdep false positive

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: selinux: fix off-by-one in setprocattr

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: Revert "proc: smaps: Allow smaps access for CAP_SYS_RESOURCE"

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: net: wireless: bcmdhd: adding boundary check in wl_cfg80211_mgmt_tx

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: msm8x10-wcd: prevent out of bounds access

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: msm: camera: sensor: Validate i2c_freq_mode in msm_cci_set_clk_param

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: Input: gtco - fix crash on detecting device without endpoints

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: Input: powermate - fix oops with malicious USB descriptors

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: Input: ati_remote2 - fix crashes on detecting device with invalid descriptor

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: unix: correctly track in-flight fds in sending process user_struct

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: unix: properly account for FDs passed over unix sockets

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: msm: crypto: set CLR_CNTXT bit for crypto operations

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: input: touchscreen: gt9xx: fix memory corruption in Goodix driver

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: soc: qcom: scm: add check to avoid buffer overflow

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: soc: prevent risk of buffer overflow

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: return error when copy from userspace fails

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: return error when copy from userspace fails

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: msm: Fix to avoid crash during voip call

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Add range checking in msm_dai_q6_set_channel_map

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: msm: q6dspv2: use correct variable type to store ION buff size

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Fix build after mismerge

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Fix build after mismerge

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: drivers: soc: add mutex to prevent response being processed twice

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: trace: resolve stack corruption due to string copy

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: Fix out-of-bounds access in put functions

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: defconfig: msm: Disable CONFIG_CP_ACCESS

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ANDROID: ion: Protect kref from userspace manipulation

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ion: blacklist %p kptr_restrict

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ion: Fix use after free during ION_IOC_ALLOC

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: msm: cpp: Fix for integer overflow in cpp

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: input: misc: fix heap overflow issue in hbtp_input.c

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ANDROID: ion: check for kref overflow

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: net: ipc_router: Register services only on client port

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Update to OB21 / OB12 blobs

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Add the high performance VR feature

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: deps: track our own qcom_common

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: drivers: input: touchscreen: add gesture policy from pa

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: use qcom powerhal

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: define default gestures configuration

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: update gestures node

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: remove double tap to wake deprecated config

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: fix gesture node

android_device_google_dragon: BUILD_FINGERPRINT - N2G48C - 2017-08

android_device_leeco_s2: s2: use restorecon after we've changed governor

--- Changed on 2017-08-13 ---

android_external_chromium-webview: Webview: Update to 60.0.3112.90

android_device_yu_tomato: tomato: Compile with SDClang

android_device_yu_tomato: tomato: update dependencies

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: Add pocketmode app

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: op5: tri_state_key: allow for additional settings

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: misc: fpc1020: Wait for uevent to send before exiting IRQ handler

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: misc: fpc1020: Simplify proximity shut-off

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: misc: fpc1020: Honor proximity state

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: misc: fpc1020: Increase fingerprintd nice value when screen is off

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: misc: fpc1020: Clean up interrupt handler

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: misc: fpc1020: Set fingerprintd priority to max when screen is off

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: misc: fpc1020: Report key input when interrupt is fired with screen off

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: misc: fpc1020: Clean up PM routines and move them into dedicated worker

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: input: fpc1020: reduced gpio reads during determining fpc sensor

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: input: fpc1020: format all the OnePlus stuffs

--- Changed on 2017-08-12 ---

android_device_google_marlin: Revert "marlin: use qc-skia if available"

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: use qc-skia if available

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: Rework In Device Diagnostics sepolicy

--- Changed on 2017-08-11 ---

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: Revert "msm8974-common: import network props from bacon"

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: import network props from bacon

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: remove libwvm shim

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: init: Use late_start for rild2

android_device_sony_shinano-common: Grant netmgrd proper unix perms

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: set prop to 5

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: sepolicy: Allow time socket to system

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: kernel: power: Remove sonys power customizations

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: shinano: defconfigs: enable SECURITY_PERF_EVENTS_RESTRICT

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: FROMLIST: security,perf: Allow further restriction of perf_event_open

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: BACKPORT: perf tools: Document the perf sysctls

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: fs/exec: fix use after free in execve

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: git: ignore arch/arm/mach-msm/smd_rpc_sym.c

--- Changed on 2017-08-10 ---

android_external_chromium-webview: Revert "Add BCM patch"

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: VoLTE

--- Changed on 2017-08-09 ---

android_device_leeco_s2: Revert "Revert "s2: update proprietary files""

android_device_leeco_s2: Revert "s2: update proprietary files"

android_device_leeco_s2: s2: update proprietary files

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Add shim to make front camera not take 4 MP pics in bright light

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Add shim to fix front facing camera crash in bright light

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Use shim to set camera package name in the HAL to OnePlus Camera

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Automatically sed camera HAL symbol changes needed for shim

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Pin camera HAL blob

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Add camera shim to always disable QuadraCfa mode

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Update from OB19

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Assert on modem build time-stamp

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: recovery: Use project pathmap for recovery

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Calculate TrustZone size at runtime

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Adapt recovery updater lib to new recovery code.

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: assert: Add support for bootdevice symlinks

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Fix multi version TrustZone support

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Remove useless parameter

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Add assertions on TrustZone version

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Allow vendor init to override props

--- Changed on 2017-08-08 ---

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: update fingerprint to NJH47F

android_device_google_sailfish: sailfish: update fingerprint to NJH47F

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: update deps to track json-c

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: add qc-skia when available

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: audio: sync codes with OOS OTA 4.5.8

--- Changed on 2017-08-07 ---

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: oneplus2: inherit from qc-skia

android_device_sony_shinano-common: Revert "memory: Enable SVELTE memory configuration"

android_device_sony_shinano-common: memory: Enable SVELTE memory configuration

android_frameworks_base: fwb: Allow choosing the AOSP webview

android_external_skia: skia: Use TARGET_HAVE_QC_PERF to enable QCPERF

android_external_skia: Enable qc-skia

android_external_skia: external/skia: Add QC hooks

android_device_google_marlin: deps: track our own kernel again

--- Changed on 2017-08-06 ---

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: remove 'Mobile' from desktop user agent

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Allow to display pages in full screen mode

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Remove unused variable in SearchBarController

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Use proper popup background attr

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Add "search in page" feature

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Remove unneeded parameter type in addResult

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Remove redundant character escape

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Hide Sheet Menu after clicking on an entry

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Query an already ordered favorite list

--- Changed on 2017-08-05 ---

android: carbon-default: Don't track the updater

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: net: wireless: bcmdhd: fix use-after-free in _dhd_pno_get_for_batch()

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ALSA: info: Check for integer overflow in snd_info_entry_write()

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: perf: don't leave group_entry on sibling list (use-after-free)

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: sctp: validate chunk len before actually using it

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: drivers: qcom: ultrasound: Lock async driver calls

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: msm: camera: sensor: Validate eeprom_name string length

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: msm: camera: fix bound check of offset to avoid overread overwrite

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: msm: cpp: Fix for buffer overflow in cpp.

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: proc: prevent accessing /proc//environ until it's ready

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: fs/exec: fix use after free in execve

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: hid: usbhid: Changes to prevent buffer overflow

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: add EU 116 Numbers

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Include France DOM (Overseas regions) codes

--- Changed on 2017-08-04 ---

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: CD: Update for our delta configuration

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: build CarbonDelta

android: manifest: Track CarbonDelta

--- Changed on 2017-08-03 ---

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: address vold denial from FBE encryption

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: enforce selinux for weeklies

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: sepolicy: fix more things

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: sepolicy: time_daemon: fix this derp

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: sepolicy: even more fixes

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: bullhead: fix NFC selinux denial

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: sepolicy: allow fsck a bit

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: sepolicy: simplify a bit

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: sepolicy: more fixes

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: :hamburger: : Address some more sepolicy denials

android_kernel_leeco_msm8976: fs/exec: fix use after free in execve

--- Changed on 2017-08-02 ---

ThemeResources: themes: Update CarbonRom Theme resources

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: Revert "msm8974-common: inherit proprietary blobs"

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: inherit proprietary blobs

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: Revert "msm: actuator: fix to prevent kernel heap buffer overflow"

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: Revert "packet: fix races in fanout_add()"

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: remove config_wifi_batched_scan_supported flag

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: Rework qcom.power init

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: remove extract util scripts

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: Move idd to proprietary sony rc

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: use mpdecision bin + ext lib from klte

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: use Widevine blobs from Kipper

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: use adreno blobs from Onyx (OOS 3.1.4)

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: use generic extract utils

--- Changed on 2017-07-31 ---

android_device_nextbit_ether: ether: Update and tidy power profile

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: sepolicy: avoid GPUCLK denials

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: cancro: Address camera denial

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Doze improvements

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Refactoring for the OnePlus 5

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Remove summary for Doze

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: ScreenType util from cmsdk

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Fix typo

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Properly fix future timestamp error

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Prevent a pm wakeup with a timestamp in the future

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Restore proximity wake preference on boot

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Add proximity wake

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Add back button to action bar

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Fix defaults

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Consolidate doze settings

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Set gesture to disabled by default

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: Add service for using proximity sensor for wake-up

--- Changed on 2017-07-30 ---

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: Revert "selinux: Set to permissive"

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: selinux: Set to permissive

android_device_sony_kitakami-common: kitakami: disable fingerprintWakeAndUnlock

android_build: qcom_targets: Allow settings device specific audio, display and media HAL

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: Support changing icons and app label

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: drivers: soc: qcom: Add error handling in function avtimer_ioctl

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: msm : dma_test: Initialize newly allocated memory

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: arm: oabi compat: add missing access checks

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: USB: digi_acceleport: do sanity checking for the number of ports

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: USB: mct_u232: add sanity checking in probe

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ALSA: seq: Fix race at creating a queue

--- Changed on 2017-07-29 ---

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: bt: Apply the bluetooth patch to fix the bt streaming issues

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: cleanup unneeded overlays and init proc nodes

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: add gesture overlays for supported gestures

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8998: input: synaptics: Enable all the gestures

--- Changed on 2017-07-28 ---

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: Remove userdata f2fs entry

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: sepolicy: label qseecomd init script

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: Rename qseecomd init scripts

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: fixes issue with qseecom starting too late for FBE

--- Changed on 2017-07-27 ---

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: enable aptXHD support

android_device_sony_tone-common: tone: Enable aptXHD support

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: yoshino: Enable aptXHD support

android_system_bt: Add aptX codec support

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: add powerhal variant flag

--- Changed on 2017-07-25 ---

android: manifest: track our own kati repo

android_device_xiaomi_armani: armani: Abandon TARGET_UNIFIED_DEVICE flag

android_device_xiaomi_armani: armani: Allow vendor init to override props

android_device_xiaomi_armani: power: Minor code optimization

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: cancro: Abandon TARGET_UNIFIED_DEVICE flag

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: cancro: Allow vendor init to override props

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: cancro: Use widevine from kipper TOS125B

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: cancro: make proprietary-files list human-friendly

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: Revert "cancro: get a gelling gello"

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: net: wireless: bcmdhd: check privilege on priv cmd

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Overlay: Add initial QBoost overlay

android_frameworks_base: SystemSensorManager: sensor block per-package

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: :bird: : Give nextbit some love

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: :hamburger: would you like fries with that?

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: Remove ext HFP feature

--- Changed on 2017-07-24 ---

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: fix selinux denial in credmgrd

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: enable BLE peripheral mode

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: Correct audio_effects typo

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: prop: Move RIL props to build.prop

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: overlay: Add support for static RadioCapabilities

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: power: Avoids bogus error messages for the suspend aborts.

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: Revert "PM: wakelock: Abort task freezing if a wake lock is held."

--- Changed on 2017-07-23 ---

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: oneplus2: Enable fine tuned audio optimizations

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: add volte IMS props

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: tree clean-up

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: update deps

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: overlay: add overlay for hardware keys

android_device_qcom_common: qcom: power: add msm8998 target information

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: Enable fluencepro for enhanced in-call audio quality

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: Update ACDB IDs for fluence/fluencepro

android_system_sepolicy: interfacer: Allow interfacer to find content_service

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: yoshino: disable fingerprintWakeAndUnlock

android_device_sony_tone-common: tone: disable fingerprintWakeAndUnlock

android_frameworks_base: keyguard: Allow disabling fingerprint wake-and-unlock

--- Changed on 2017-07-22 ---

android_external_skia: [DO NOT MERGE] Revert "Skia: don't build tests"

android_external_skia: skia: Use TARGET_HAVE_QC_PERF to enable QCPERF

android_external_skia: Enable qc-skia

android_external_skia: external/skia: Add QC hooks

android_external_skia: Fix new IT blocks ARMv8

android_external_skia: Adaptive skjpeg_source_mgr buffer size

android_external_sqlite: sqlite: upgrade to SQLite 3.19.3

android_external_libjpeg-turbo: libjpeg-turbo: Update to 1.5.2

android_external_libjpeg-turbo: libjpeg-turbo: Fix CAF Cortex-A53 flag

android_external_libjpeg-turbo: libjpeg-turbo: Enable fast DCT scaling

android_system_core: init: device: fix memory leak issue

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