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CarbonROM Changelog

*Changes do not indicate successful nightly compilation*

--- Changed on 2017-06-27 ---

android_hardware_qcom_media: mm-video-v4l2: venc: handle setting performance-mode at run-time

android_hardware_qcom_media: mm-video-v4l2: ifdef proprietary codecs

android_hardware_qcom_bt: bt: enable compilation without BT_NV_SUPPORT

android_hardware_qcom_bt: bt: fix compilation if BT_NV_SUPPORT is not enabled

android_frameworks_native: native: Add Battery Mod Support

android_system_core: core: Add Battery Mod Support

android_frameworks_base: base: Add Battery Mod Support

android_frameworks_base: Telephony: Don't crash for too long baseband version

android_frameworks_base: utils: Introduce FileUtils class

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: oneplus2: defconfig: add fingerprint boost

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: cpufreq: Introduce fingerprint boost driver

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: maple-iosched: Fix the -Wdeclaration-after-statement warnings

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: display: add a simple api to query the display state (on/off) at any point in time

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: oneplus2: defconfig: enable maple IOSCHED by default

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: block: maple: Fix inverted logic

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: block: maple: Make bools constant across functions

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: block: maple: Use native display state instead of PowerSuspend

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: block: maple: Serve asynchronous requests before synchronous ones

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: block: maple: Fix some logic, import former/latter request logic from SIO, and use some improved bits of SIO

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: block: maple: Catch writes_starved sooner, increase limit.

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: block: maple: Clean up and add patchlevel macro to keep track of commits

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: block: maple: Remove CONFIG_HZ dependency, assume 300 for interrupt frequency

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: block: Add Maple I/O Scheduler

ThemeResources: themes: Update CarbonRom Theme resources

--- Changed on 2017-06-26 ---

android_vendor_carbon: prebuilts: update substratum prebuilt apk

android_frameworks_base: [1/2] base: configure IME switcher bits

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: [2/2] CarbonFibers: configure IME switcher bits

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: move time tick to bg handler

android_frameworks_base: Frameworks: Fix Null Pointer Issue

android_frameworks_base: fingerprint: handle PerformanceStats NULL pointers

android_frameworks_base: Remove the unnecessary window animation request

android_frameworks_base: Optimised hwui rounded corners shader

android_packages_apps_Settings: Add summary to App ops dashboard tile

android_packages_apps_Settings: Convert AppOps array items to string references

android_packages_apps_Settings: Add in vector for app ops

android_packages_apps_Settings: Move App Ops to the dashboard

android_packages_apps_Settings: Fix viewpager tabs not showing on AppOpsSummary

android_packages_apps_Settings: Enable App Ops under security setting

--- Changed on 2017-06-25 ---

android_device_huawei_angler: sensorshal: Disable wakeup on tilt sensor

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: msm: do not compile rq_stats.

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: bacon: defconfig: enable AutoSMP

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: msm: autosmp: import driver from dorimanx with neobuddy patches

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: remove MPDecision

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: prima: Fix array out-of-bounds & integer underflow in _iw_set_genie

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: prima: Add buf len check in wlan_hdd_cfg80211_testmode

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: prima: Avoid overflow of "significant change" params

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: prima: Avoid overflow of "set_bssid_hotlist" params

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: fs/proc/array.c: make safe access to group_leader

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: prima: Use heap memory for station_info instead of stack

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: tmpfs: clear S_ISGID when setting posix ACLs

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: BACKPORT: posix_acl: Clear SGID bit when setting file permissions

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: cgroup: prefer %pK to %p

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: msm: initialize the params array before using it

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: msm: vidc: use %pK instead of %p which respects kptr_restrict sysctl

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: qseecom: Change format specifier %p to %pK

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: soc: msm: initialize buffer to prevent kernel data leakage

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: USB: cypress_m8: add endpoint sanity check

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: slim-msm: Synchronize SSR callbacks

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: crypto: msm: check length before copying to buf in _debug_stats_read

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: prima: Trim operation classes to max supported in change station

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ASoC: wcd9320: Fix out of bounds for mad input value

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: udp: properly support MSG_PEEK with truncated buffers

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: perf: Tighten (and fix) the grouping condition

android_device_motorola_addison: addison: gps: update conf from CAF/op2

android_device_motorola_addison: addison: fix gps

android_device_motorola_addison: Revert "Switch to OSS GPS"

android_device_huawei_angler: angler: Enable triple framebuffers

--- Changed on 2017-06-24 ---

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: bring back pulldown to open notifications panel

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: refactor gesture handling

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: double tap on home screen to turn off screen

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: Add swipe up/down gestures

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: fix the QSB hide check

android_system_sepolicy: Add policy to fix interfacer derp on boot

--- Changed on 2017-06-23 --- website: update my bio

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: camera: fix green lines on thumbnails issue (yay)

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: camera: Revert some changes

android_frameworks_base: Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime (2/2)

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime (1/2)

android_frameworks_base: display: Don't animate screen brightness when turning the screen on

android_frameworks_base: Fingerprint: Speed up wake-and-unlock scenario

--- Changed on 2017-06-20 --- Ultimate is actually a sport plz

android_device_google_dragon: dragon/smaug/ryo/whatever fire vomiting thingy: fix defconfig name

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: kenzo: disable soundtrigger again

android_device_sony_common: Revert "common: use SDCLANG"

android_device_sony_common: common: use SDCLANG

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: kenzo: Restore stock 480 dpi as some apps on player were showing this device as incompatible

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: media: Fix aac encoder bitrate capability in media profiles

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: overlay: support for AUDIO_SOURCE_UNPROCESSED

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: overlay: Enable Fast bss transition config

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: audio: Update acdbdata from kezno 7.5.4

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: audio: alphabetical

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: kenzo : add maintainer

--- Changed on 2017-06-19 ---

android_device_huawei_angler: angler: Use SDCLANG

android_build: build: Require devices to opt-in for SDCLANG

android_build: build: sdclang: Sync ldflags and cflags

android_build: binary: Append cc/cxx wrapper to sdclang

android_build: build: sdclang: move the host detection logic

android_build: build: Do proper optimization during SDCLANG_LTO

android_build: build: ensure QCLD usage when requested

android_build: build: cleanup SDCLANG logic

android_build: build: Add support for selective LTO with QCLD

android_build: build: enhance and extend support for SDCLANG

android_build: Control building shared libs, static libs and executables with SDLLVM LTO

android_build: Add -Wno-vectorizer-no-neon flag for all compiles

android_build: Replace hard-coded flags with variables-based

android_vendor_carbon: sdclang: Gaurd usage

android_vendor_carbon: common: sdclang: Explicitly enable Automatic Vectorization

android_vendor_carbon: common: sdclang-lto: filter cortex-a53-835769 workaround flags

android_vendor_carbon: common: sdclang-lto: support for unsafe filtering

android_vendor_carbon: common: sdclang: Enable by default!

android_vendor_carbon: common: sdclang: LTO: filter new no-erratum-fix flag

android_vendor_carbon: common: add support for SDCLANG

android_external_zlib: zlib: enable advanced compiler features

android_build: Build options for enabling proprietary Clang compiler

android_frameworks_native: libs: enable SDCLANG LTO

android_external_sqlite: sqlite: Disable SDCLANG

android_frameworks_native: SF: Enable SDCLANG LTO

android_frameworks_native: binder: enable SDCLANG LTO

--- Changed on 2017-06-18 ---

android_device_nvidia_shieldtablet: Why not use the ROM's tablet features?

android_device_google_dragon: device: add a README

android_build: Makefile: Add the missing dependency on FUTILITY.

android_build: Build FUTILITY tool from futility-host.

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: The dragon is coming to the kingdom

android_vendor_carbon: fix check_blacklist function to work on wiped /system partition

android_device_sony_tone-common: [REVERTME] Move to HAL1 for now

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: overlays: remove cmsdk overlays

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: disable NfcF HCE

--- Changed on 2017-06-14 ---

android_vendor_carbon: I got XZited for the tone bringup

android_hardware_qcom_audio: audio: readd msm8998

--- Changed on 2017-06-13 ---

ThemeResources: themes: Update CarbonRom Theme resources

android_hardware_qcom_audio: audio: Add workaround for capture-fm mode and msm8960 devices

--- Changed on 2017-06-12 ---

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: cleanup QBoost overlays

android_device_oneplus_bacon: Overlay: Add initial Boost overlay

android_system_sepolicy: Allow NFC service as a platform app

android_device_huawei_angler: angler: Fix some SELinux Denials

android_device_huawei_angler: [WIP] Overlay: Initial boost overlay

android_device_huawei_angler: angler: Fix new perfd denial

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: Overlay: add boost overlays

android_device_sony_kitakami-common: kitakami: Let cameraservice close native handles

android_external_libnfc-nci: Added support for PN553

android_hardware_qcom_audio: post_proc: Enable post processing for msm8952

android_hardware_qcom_audio: Add capture-fm support

android_hardware_qcom_audio: Add msm8976 tasha sound card detection to msm8916 HAL

android_device_motorola_addison: addison: address denials from user build

--- Changed on 2017-06-11 ---

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: add Moto Z Play

android_device_motorola_addison: addison: carbon-ify

android_frameworks_base: [1/2] base: Add Kill App to custom button actions

android_frameworks_base: Add Screen off to custom button actions [1/2]

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: add strings and arrays for new button actions

android_frameworks_base: [2/2] frameworks_base: Longpress back to kill app

android_frameworks_base: input: introduce custom key event policy

android_frameworks_base: input: add split screen

android_device_oneplus_bacon: Revert "bacon: BoardConfig: disable encryption for now"

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Enable three icon switching within QS DND tile

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Update Boost configuration

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: OP3: Add CAF Snapcam to HAL1 packagelist

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Don't dispatch a scheduler boost for applaunch boost

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Remove Keypress optimization overlay

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Update Scroller boost

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Remove sched boosting from scrolling boosts

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Rework scrolling boosts

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: OP3: overlay: Add QPerformance and boot-ext to PinnerServiceFiles

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: overlay: disable debug boost

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: add custom boosts

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Enable FP unlock boost

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Configure Keypress boost

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Update ril header for 7.1.2

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Update from OxygenOS 4.1.5

--- Changed on 2017-06-10 ---

android_build: qcom_targets: allow qcom devices to set specific projects paths

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: The Explorer is coming.

android_frameworks_av: stagefright: Fix buffer handle retrieval in signalBufferReturned

android_frameworks_av: Revert "stagefright: Fix SurfaceMediaSource buffer search condition when buffer return"

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Move common dir to common-caf

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: OP3: Fix BoostFramework overlays

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: enable QC telephony extension

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: IMS: Explicit call transfer feature

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: Overlay: Add initial Boost overlay

--- Changed on 2017-06-07 ---

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: move sensitive_pn.xml to prebuilts/etc

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Add sensitive numbers for Serbia

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Add sensitive phone numbers for India

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Add more numbers for Germany

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Add sensitive phone numbers for Norway

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Add additional US numbers

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: add sensitive number for Indonesia

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Add sensitive phone number for Romania

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Added sensitive number for the Netherlands

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: add sensitive numbers for Turkey

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Add sensitive phone number for Bangladesh

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Add US number

android_vendor_carbon: Add sensitive phone numbers for Brazil

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: reorder by MCC code

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Add Australian sensitive phone number.

android_vendor_carbon: sensitive_pn: Add New Zealand sensitive numbers.

android_vendor_carbon: (2/2) Make sensitive phone numbers not to be shown in call log history.

android_packages_services_Telecomm: (1/2) Make sensitive phone numbers not to be shown in call log history.

android_system_core: libcutils: fix schedboost after 31f78ddf4ea2ab7963d873cb16db98e976346468

android: manifest: track our own Telecomm repo

android_frameworks_base: Revert "Creating only a single activity trigger module"

android_frameworks_base: Disable Optimal-Resolution Rendering when in split-screen mode

android_frameworks_base: Support density override with scaled density.

android_frameworks_base: Creating only a single activity trigger module

android_frameworks_base: add network related API into ActivityTrigger

android_frameworks_base: Set animation scale values for specific activity.

android_frameworks_base: frameworks/base: activity pause/stop event triggers

android_frameworks_base: frameworks/base: Tap process start event to trigger perf lib.

android_frameworks_base: frameworks/base: Add support for low resolution rendering

android_frameworks_base: ActivityTrigger: New class to invoke when activity starts/resumes

android_frameworks_base: BoostFramework: Remove debug boost prop dependency

android_frameworks_base: Activity: Improve DragBoost logic

android_frameworks_base: Introduce Rotation Boost

android_frameworks_base: Rework AOSPA boosting configuration

android_frameworks_base: UserController: Introduce Bootup Boost

android_frameworks_base: Keypress Boost: Improve dispatching logic

android_frameworks_base: Keypress Boost: Block multiple Keypress boosts

android_frameworks_base: Introduce FP unlock boost

android_frameworks_base: Introduce Keypress Boost

android_frameworks_base: Fix boost issue caused by pre-fling

android_frameworks_base: boost ahead of current fling boost in scroll

android_frameworks_base: Framework for LaunchBoost v2 and Frequency aggr during launch.

android_frameworks_base: BoostFramework: Implement asynchronous processing of perflocks

android_frameworks_base: Add synchronized protection in BoostFramework constructor

android_frameworks_base: frameworks: Add custom boost for scroll/fling

android_frameworks_base: Perf: Adding hooks for IO prefetcher into framework

android_frameworks_base: BoostFramework to enhance performance during critical scenarios

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: fixup proprietary blob list

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: enable sdcardfs

android_device_google_marlin: Move marlin/sailfish to kryo targets.

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: Fix some perfd SELinux denials

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: Add TimeService blobs

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: Add boostframework overlays

--- Changed on 2017-06-06 ---

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Never hide history view

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Use an observer to refresh the history view

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Don't accept cookies in incognito mode

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Don't add duplicates to the history

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Query an already ordered history

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Fix some warnings

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Use lambdas in settings activity

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Define base class for Activities containing WebViewExt

android_bionic: Set __ARM_ARCH__ correctly for ARMv8 32bit builds

android_bionic: libc: import ARM strcmp from newlib

android_bionic: libc: arm: add NEON-optimized memchr implementation from newlib

android_bionic: libc: add optimized ARM64 strrchr from newlib

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: allow hiding QSB

android_frameworks_base: QuickSettings: Make data tile also easy toggle on the header view

--- Changed on 2017-06-05 ---

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Actually re-enable HAL3 capabilities

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Disable sound trigger

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: libceph: introduce ceph_crypt() for in-place en/decryption

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: ecryptfs: don't allow mmap when the lower fs doesn't support it

--- Changed on 2017-06-04 --- website: Update bugreporter URL.

--- Changed on 2017-06-03 ---

android_frameworks_base: frameworks: SystemUI: Fix mis-aligned brightness slider in statusbar

--- Changed on 2017-06-02 --- website: Update my bio

android_device_oneplus_bacon: device: adapt extract-utils for CarbonRom

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8996: oneplus3: defconfig: carbonify website: Add changelog. website: Add contribution instructions.

android_frameworks_base: base: LocationTile detail

--- Changed on 2017-06-01 ---

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Revert "Quarks: Add url<->title support in EditText"

android_frameworks_av: Revert "Fix potential overflows"

android_frameworks_base: base: Change toast frames color to some better look ones

--- Changed on 2017-05-30 ---

ThemeResources: themes: Update CarbonRom Theme resources

android_frameworks_native: sf: fixes for HWC2

--- Changed on 2017-05-29 ---

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: flash firmware images

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: Use init.qcom.power.rc instead of

android_device_samsung_galaxys2-common: doze: carbon-ify and make it work for CarbonROM

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Fix media wipe

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Fix mount_for_wipe

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Fix recursive rm wipe of data

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Enable the menu for User builds

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: fstools: Honor TARGET_USES_EXFAT

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Remove "Supported API" message

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Drop dependency on mkfs.f2fs

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: minui: don't drop EV_ABS (touch) events

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Assimilate minivold

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: fstools: symlink sgdisk so we can actually use it

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: fstools: Invite sfdisk to the party

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Fix mounting f2fs partitions

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: Set context for minivold

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: update-binary: support reboot_now on older recoveries

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: minui: support to pan display (FBIOPAN_DISPLAY)

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Separate for vold in recovery

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Allow devices to reboot to download mode

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: Don't disable including TARGET_RECOVERY_UI_LIB if exists

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: autodetect filesystem type

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: updater: Fix multi-stage docs

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: install: Ditch the generic error

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Always include ext4 stuff

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: Allow device-specific recovery modules

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: Dejank the menus, fix colors

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: Fix the progress bar

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: Return to main menu after selection

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Handle oemunlock command

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: datamedia support

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Provide caching for sideload files

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: bu: Implement backup/restore

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: Carbon-ify the device tree.

android_device_huawei_kiwi: Remove Gello from PRODUCT_PACKAGES

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: Clean ramdisk

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: sepolicy: Add rule for user build

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: Update init & overlay for CDMA variants

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: Enable cortex-a53 optimizations for 64-bit code

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: audio_policy: Remove low_latency path

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: add f2fs filesystem to list of partitions

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: enable TARGET_USERIMAGES_USE_F2FS

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: enable hardware disk encryption

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: Disable adaptive LMK

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: remove duplicate flag.

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: Don't use low latency on primary

android_device_huawei_kiwi: Revert "kiwi: Disable WiFi IpReachabilityMonitor"

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: wifi: Enable 2.4GHz channel bonding

android_device_huawei_kiwi: kiwi: power: Use POWER_HINT_LAUNCH for launch boosts

--- Changed on 2017-05-28 ---

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: recovery: Update name in README.

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Enable the DOM storage API

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Pause WebView along with the activity

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Make download_message not specific to sdcard

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Handle screenLayout changes

android_device_lge_mako: sepolicy: use specific sepolicys for camera

android_device_lge_mako: Revert "mako: remove sepolicies causing neverallow failures"

android_frameworks_base: bug fix: correct home key not disabling when navbar enabled

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: dashboard: add Magisk Manager tile

--- Changed on 2017-05-27 ---

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Add Led config overlays

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: Add SlimRecents [2/3]

android_packages_apps_Settings: SlimRecents: Bring in iconpack helper [3/3]

android: manifest: track ffmpeg repos

android_vendor_carbon: sepolicy: Fix adbsecure_prop denials

android_vendor_carbon: carbon: build ffmpeg

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: show Carrier Label settings for msim

android_frameworks_av: libstagefright: Extended media support via FFMPEG

android_frameworks_av: stagefright: Improve FLAC and WAV support for 24-bit

android_frameworks_av: libstagefright: Support YVU420SemiPlanar camera format

android_frameworks_av: libstagefright: fix exynos4 camcorder

android_frameworks_av: ACodec: Fix video autoscaling on old OMX decoders

android_frameworks_base: Zygote: Fix GL preload property evaluation

android_frameworks_base: Validate handler of wakelock option for flashlight.

android_frameworks_base: Move wakelock option for flashlight to CameraManager.

android_frameworks_base: Add wakelock option for flashlight

android_frameworks_base: aapt: enforce 0 compression

android_frameworks_base: aapt: allow opting out of uncompressed aapt

android_frameworks_base: aapt: Fix compiler warning (clobbered by longjmp)

android_frameworks_base: SlimRecents [1/3]

android_frameworks_base: telephony: SignalStrengh: Don't calculate a LTE snr if the srq is invalid

android_frameworks_base: sensors: Create bool to select what timestamp to use

android_frameworks_base: ColorFade: fix EGL crash on exynos4 mali blobs

android_frameworks_base: Add support for Samsung extended AGPS

android_frameworks_native: sensor: Skip additional permission request checks

android_frameworks_native: Support forcing all screenshots into a CPU consumer

android_frameworks_native: sensor: Allow devices to skip the permission request

android_frameworks_native: RenderEngine: remove warning "using EGL_IMG_context_priority"

android_frameworks_native: libgui: Don't assign handle to NULL after free is common

android_frameworks_native: Bring back support for glReadPixels screenshot path

android_frameworks_native: Revert "egl: Remove old tuna BGRA vs RGBA workaround."

android_frameworks_native: libbinder: allow devices to disable ashmem size tracking

android_frameworks_native: libEGL: allow devices to workaround Google bug 10194508

android_frameworks_native: binder: Squashed commit of MemoryHeapBaseIon

android_device_motorola_griffin: Revert "griffin: remove ffmpeg codec"

android_device_lge_hammerhead: hammerhead: media_codecs: include ffmpeg codec

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: kenzo: media_codecs: include ffmpeg codec

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: media_codecs: include ffmpeg codec

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: oneplus2: media_codecs: include ffmpeg codec

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: Revert "OP3: Fix audio playback"

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: media_codecs: include ffmpeg codec

android_device_sony_sumire: Revert "sumire: get rid of the ffmpeg codecs"

android_device_huawei_angler: angler: media_codecs: include ffmpeg codec

android_device_lge_bullhead: bullhead: media_codecs: include ffmpeg codec

android_device_lge_mako: mako: media_codecs: include ffmpeg codec

android_device_samsung_msm8960-common: Revert "media: Remove ffmpeg"

android_device_xiaomi_cancro: Revert "Remove FFMPEG line"

android_device_xiaomi_armani: Revert "Remove FFMPEG line"

android_device_oneplus_bacon: Revert "bacon: media_codecs.xml do not include ffmpeg"

android_build: build: Update install tools packaging for target-files support

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: QuickTiles for Favorites, Incognito, and New Tabs

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: Remove proprietary QC media packages

--- Changed on 2017-05-26 ---

android_vendor_carbon: selinux: create adbsecure prop

android_build: Redo BOARD_CUSTOM_BOOTIMG_MK support

--- Changed on 2017-05-24 ---

android_device_samsung_d2tmo: overlay: Remove prefered APN config

android_device_samsung_d2vzw: d2vzw: Fix vendor name

android_device_samsung_d2att: overlay: Telephony: Remove translation overlay

android_device_samsung_d2tmo: overlay: Telephony: Remove translation overlay

android_kernel_lge_mako: Revert "change entropysel back to longentropysel until userspace is updated"

--- Changed on 2017-05-23 ---

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: init.qcom.rc : Add time_daemon in init.qcom.rc

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: rootdir: Update fs tune from marlin

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Use kryo 32-bit routines

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Set camera package name to OnePlus Camera

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Add specific camera parameter library

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Remove camera shim library

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Update to OB16 blobs

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: OP3: Add IMS stuff

android: manifest: Move to a stable revision of recovery for now.

android_device_huawei_angler: angler: Resolve the problem of memory leaks in exception flow

android_device_huawei_angler: Fixed some more print formatting errors in device/huawei/angler/camera

--- Changed on 2017-05-22 ---

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: kernel: Fix potential refcount leak in su check

android_build: Fix a race condition while building the recovery patch (needed for msm8226)

android_build: Makefile: Fix difftools build on devices with

android_build: ota: Let devices specify their own recovery-from-boot.p installer

android_build: releasetools: Generate recovery-from-boot.p with bsdiff if necessary

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: Add fstools, update build configuration

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: OMGRainbows

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: Enable zip/unzip commands

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: Puke out an /etc/fstab so stuff like Busybox is happy

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: Get a proper shell environment in recovery

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: sr: Use pathmap for recovery

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: mtdutils: Fix mounting partitions by-name

nCannibal/CarbonRecovery: Remove ext4 guards

--- Changed on 2017-05-21 ---

android_frameworks_base: Fix permissions for CTS [1/2]

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: oneplus2: merge more changes from LA.BF64.1.2.3_rb1.12

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: op2 media: merge with upstream LA.BF64.1.2.3_rb1.12

android_device_oppo_common: oppo: rename slider menu to OnePlus Buttons

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Update icon

android_kernel_samsung_d2: kernel: Fix potential refcount leak in su check

android_kernel_samsung_d2: dccp/tcp: do not inherit mc_list from parent

android_vendor_carbon: prebuilts: update substratum prebuilt apk

--- Changed on 2017-05-20 ---

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Fix refactor errors

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: add i9100

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: change theming tile title

ThemeResources: themes: Update CarbonRom Theme resources

ThemeResources: Add Quarks to theme resources

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Don't claim to be a simple WebView

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Make it easier to initiate gestures

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Don't reload webview on screen rotation

android_frameworks_native: surfaceflinger: Reimplement hwrotation

android_frameworks_native: SF: Rename persist.panel.mountflip to ro.panel.mountflip

android_frameworks_native: SF : Add support for rotated panel mounts

android_frameworks_av: Conditionally revert "CameraService: Allow HAL to handle video buffer duped FD's."

android_frameworks_av: Camera: Support obtaining camera memory from MemoryHeapIon

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Use AOSP okhttp variant for inline building

android_vendor_carbon: packages: Move to our new browser: Quarks [2/2]

android: manifest: Move to our new browser: Quarks [1/2]

--- Changed on 2017-05-19 ---

android_build: backuptool: reworked version based on Dirty Unicorns (SQUASHED)

android_build: build: remove Omni's releasetools

android_build: build: Only set capabilities if provided

android_vendor_carbon: backuptools: refactor backuptools on top of LineageOS

android_vendor_carbon: backuptool: Add checks if it makes sense to execute commands

android_vendor_carbon: backuptool: Preserve the SELinux context of the files

android_vendor_carbon: backuptool: Don't rely on the order of the elements in the list

android_vendor_carbon: backuptool: Preserve symlinks

android_vendor_carbon: Revert "Revert "vendor: move location of backuptools""

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: BoardConfig: add dt2w node flag

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Remove QVOP service

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Enforce vendor tree presence

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Kill Gello

android_device_moto_shamu: DNM disable forceencryt

android_packages_apps_Settings: Revert "Fix crash in battery history detail"

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: oneplus2: HAL3

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8994: Back to working camera

--- Changed on 2017-05-18 ---

android_frameworks_base: Port password retention feature

android_frameworks_base: mountservice: Don't nuke all volumes when decrypting

android_frameworks_base: mountservice: Shut down volumes before restarting framework

android_frameworks_base: MountService: Prevent NPE with DropBoxManager

android_frameworks_base: MountService: ensure VolumeRecord with UUID exists before modifying

android_device_samsung_d2-common: d2: I maintain that yo

android_device_samsung_d2-common: overlay: Use correct config for doubleTap

android_device_samsung_qcom-common: Fix dependencies file

android_vendor_carbon: vendorsetup: Add the d2 family to lunch menu

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: Skip keystore compilation

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: op2: Disable tethering provisioning for all carriers

--- Changed on 2017-05-17 ---

android_frameworks_base: Intercept Home button press to wake device

--- Changed on 2017-05-16 ---

android_packages_apps_Nfc: Nfc: Include android-support-v4 for the NXP stack

android_device_lge_bullhead: bullhead: call Carbon common gsm configs

android_device_lge_bullhead: bullhead: update build fingerprint & description to N2G47O

android_frameworks_base: [AssetManager] revert some fastJni

android_frameworks_base: Fix keyguard is black background while screen turning off/on quickly

android_frameworks_base: Reduce hwui CPU time by using glDrawRangeElements

android_frameworks_base: modify the parameter in cleanupLocked

android_frameworks_base: Skip send broadcast to the receiver whoes user has not started.

android_frameworks_base: fix KeyEvent can't correctly finish when inputmethod time out happend

android_frameworks_base: NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'int android.os.Parcel.dataSize()' on a null object reference

android_frameworks_base: When monkey test, the object of mHost throws NullPointerException. Fail log: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ', boolean, boole

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI : Fix monkey exception for SystemUI

android_frameworks_base: Fix crash issue on Storage Manager app

android_frameworks_base: fix incorrect context classloader initialization in system_server

android_frameworks_base: Make the allPendingIntents add operation thread-safe.

android_frameworks_base: Bad token of activity when do the launch work at the app process side.

android_frameworks_base: FATAL EXCEPTION IN SYSTEM PROCESS: android.ui

android_frameworks_base: Fix the reset of boosted zygote thread priority.

android_frameworks_base: Fix the notification issue shown on startForeground

android_frameworks_base: remove duplicated incorrectly code in ProcessRecord

android_frameworks_base: Ensure that the decor view is attached to window.

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Fix SystemUI ANR

android_frameworks_base: Query geo description in worker thread to prevent ANR

android_frameworks_base: Deadlock in PackageInstallerSession

android_frameworks_base: fix OutOfBoundsException in

android_frameworks_base: Avoid deadlock when installing app

android_frameworks_base: The network event should be an asynchronous callback.

android_frameworks_base: wifi: catch UnsupportedOperationException for getMatchingWifiConfig

android_frameworks_base: SettingsLib: wifi: Fixed AccessPoint tracking for Passpoint networks

android_frameworks_base: Destroy Allocation right away on exception

android_frameworks_base: Destroy Allocation with ScriptIntrinsicLut

android_frameworks_base: Aapt2: Fix png leak

android_frameworks_base: Switch frameworks/base/core/jni from gcc to clang.

android_frameworks_base: Speed up the style pruning

android_frameworks_base: Fix compiler warning (clobbered by longjmp)

android_frameworks_base: Fix dead lock in Tethering state machine

android_frameworks_base: Skip ListPopupWindow position update if detached

android_frameworks_base: Fix system server crash caused by CME in usage stats

android_frameworks_base: Fix NPE while attempting to get length of null array in FileRotator

android_frameworks_base: Fix NPE in SettingsLib

android_frameworks_base: Fix NPE when call stack.setLaunchTime.

android_frameworks_base: Fix DateTimeView fc issue

android_frameworks_base: Fix a NPE with outlineProvider="none"

android_frameworks_base: Save "mState.restored" in onSaveInstanceState of FilesActivity

android_frameworks_base: Fix a bunch of repeated reads of a ro.* property

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