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CarbonROM Changelog

*Changes do not indicate successful weekly compilation*

--- Changed on 2020-05-24 ---

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2020-05-05

android_packages_apps_Settings: RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Allow LockScreenPattern to be launched in the pinning screen

android_system_bt: Fix potential stack overflow caused by integer overflow

android_system_bt: GattServcer: Check invalid offset

android_frameworks_av: BnCrypto: fix use-before-init in CREATE_PLUGIN

android_frameworks_av: [DO NOT MERGE] Fix uninitialized data in IHDCP decrypt

android_frameworks_base: Verify all possible hosts that match web nav

android_frameworks_base: RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Prevent accessing companion records from arbitrary uids

android_frameworks_base: RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Create separated tasks for different apps from startActivities

android_frameworks_base: RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Use consistent calling uid and package in navigateUpTo

android: manifest: Track libexif from Lineage

--- Changed on 2020-04-23 ---

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2020-04-05

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2020-03-05

android_frameworks_base: Fix potential double destroy of AssetManager

android_frameworks_base: Revoke 'always' web handler status when not autoverifying

android_frameworks_base: Add STATUS_BAR permission to dialer in oc-rm1

android_frameworks_base: Fixes NPE when preparing app data during init

android_frameworks_base: Use KNOWN_PACKAGES when shared lib consumers

android_frameworks_base: Handles null outInfo in deleteSystemPackageLI

android_frameworks_base: Fix security problem on PermissionMonitor#hasPermission

android_external_sqlite: Apply security patch to sqlite 3.22

android_system_nfc: OOB write in

android_system_nfc: OOB write in rw_t2t_handle_tlv_detect_rsp

android_system_nfc: Prevent information disclosure in rw_i93.c

android_packages_providers_TelephonyProvider: DO NOT MERGE Check permissions for URL_SIMINFO

android_hardware_interfaces: default drm hidl: Fix decrypt destination base ptr

android_external_libvpx: vp8_decode_frame: fix oob read on truncated key frame -- DO NOT MERGE

android_external_libavc: decoder: Fix minimum poc calculation check while adding to display

--- Changed on 2020-03-06 ---

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Gallery2: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Settings: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Messaging: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Snap: Automatic translation import

--- Changed on 2020-02-21 ---

android_packages_apps_Settings: Refresh shortcut for Magisk app on the dashboard

--- Changed on 2020-02-20 ---

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2020-02-05

android_system_bt: SDP: add return after SDP disconnection

android_system_bt: Fix potential OOB write in btm_read_remote_ext_features_complete

android_system_bt: GAP: Correct the continuous pkt length in l2cap

android_packages_apps_Settings: Prevent accounts page directly opening in screen pinning mode

android_hardware_libhardware: Fix accidental implicit fallthroughs

android_frameworks_native: Don't leak input events to dumpsys on user builds

android_frameworks_native: Resize object capacity when shrinking Parcel

android_frameworks_base: RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Make toasts non-clickable

android_frameworks_base: DO NOT MERGE back porting for fixing sysui direct reply

android_frameworks_base: DO NOT MERGE: Disable SpellChecker in secondary user's direct reply

android: manifest: Bump AOSP tags to android-8.1.0_r73

--- Changed on 2020-01-22 ---

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2020-01-05

android_system_nfc: Prevent uncleared memory leaking in

android_system_core: FlattenableUtils::align memsets

android_system_bt: [system][bt] fix -Wdangling-gsl

android_frameworks_native: Sensor: use FlattenableUtils::align

android_frameworks_base: Force FGS notifications to show for a minimum time

android_frameworks_base: Prevent system uid component from running in an isolated app process

android_frameworks_base: Only allow INSTALL_ALLOW_TEST from shell or root

android_frameworks_base: DO NOT MERGE Validate wallpaper dimension while generating crop

android_external_libavc: decoder: Move initialization of dbp_mgr entries to init_decoder()

--- Changed on 2020-01-20 ---

android: manifest: stop tracking our own 8994/8998 hals

--- Changed on 2019-12-20 ---

android_packages_providers_TelephonyProvider: Fix the remaining holes for access to APN data

android_packages_providers_TelephonyProvider: Examine sort field for sensitive fields

android_packages_providers_DownloadProvider: RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Enable stricter SQLiteQueryBuilder options.

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2019-12-05

android_system_bt: JustWorks: Auto-accept only incoming temporary pairing.

android_system_bt: SDP: Disconnect when there is a bad length

android_system_bt: Use memcpy instead of casting to convert device_class to int

android_system_bt: SDP: disconnect if sdp_copy_raw_data fails

android_system_bt: DO NOT MERGE: btif: require pairing dialog for JustWorks SSP

android_packages_apps_UnifiedEmail: AOSP/UnifiedEmail - bug fix: do not allow composing message with hidden private data attachments - Switch intent filtering to be blacklist based rather than whitelist based.

android_packages_apps_UnifiedEmail: AOSP/UnifiedEmail - Secure UPDATE_WIDGET receiver with a new permission

android_packages_apps_Email: AOSP/Email - bug fix: do not allow composing message with hidden private data attachments - Switch intent filtering to be blacklist based rather than whitelist based.

android_packages_apps_Email: Deleted "" in "" activity of the AndroidManifest.xml as part of cleanup.

android_packages_apps_Email: AOSP/Email - Secure UPDATE_WIDGET receiver with a new permission

android_external_libhevc: Check change in CTB size when decoding multiple SPS with same id

android_external_libhevc: decoder: Reset slice header at start of slice header decode

android_external_libcups: Update libcups to v2.2.9 RESTRICT AUTOMERGE

android: manifest: Updates for Noct ASB_201912

--- Changed on 2019-11-19 ---

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2019-11-05

android_system_bt: DO NOT MERGE Store BLE keys using the address from the ble_auth_cmpl_evt

android_external_v8: Fix OOB read in v8's Promise handling

android_external_v8: Fix OOB Access

android_external_libcxx: DO NOT MERGE: Fix bug in random.

android_external_libcxx: DO NOT MERGE: [libc++] Move __clamp_to_integral to , and harden against min()/max() macros

android_external_libcxx: DO NOT MERGE: [libc++] Add `__truncating_cast` for safely casting float types to integers

android_system_nfc: Add boundary check in nfa_hci_handle_admin_gate_rsp

android_system_nfc: Prevent OOB in

android_packages_apps_Bluetooth: AdapterService: Check the PIN code length before using

android_hardware_interfaces: default hidl CryptoPlugin: security fixes [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE]

android_frameworks_base: RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Enable stricter SQLiteQueryBuilder options.

android_frameworks_base: RESTRICT AUTOMERGE Strict SQLiteQueryBuilder needs to be stricter.

android_frameworks_base: Set default phonebook access to ACCESS_REJECTED when user didn't choose one

android_frameworks_base: Add MANAGED_PROVISIONING_DPC_DOWNLOADED (nyc).

android_external_sqlite: sqlite3_android.cpp: disable _TOKENIZE

android_external_libjpeg-turbo: [RESTRICT AUTOMERGE] Prevent integer overflows when handling large images

android_external_chromium-libpac: Fix use-after-free in proxy resolver

--- Changed on 2019-11-18 ---

android: manifest: Updates for Noct ASB_201911

--- Changed on 2019-10-12 ---

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2019-10-05

android_packages_apps_PackageInstaller: OP_REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES denied by default

android_packages_apps_Settings: Treat mode_default as denied for install_unknown_apps

android_packages_apps_Nfc: Prevent length underflow in NfcTag.cpp

android_frameworks_base: Clear the Parcel before writing an exception during a transaction

android_frameworks_base: Pass correct realCallingUid to startActivity() if provided by PendingIntentRecord#sendInner()

android_frameworks_base: OP_REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES denied by default

android_frameworks_av: Fix OOB access in mpeg4/h263 decoder

android_frameworks_av: m4v_h263: add a test for invalid/negative value

android: manifest: Updates for Noct ASB_201910

--- Changed on 2019-09-17 ---

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2019-09-05

android: manifest: Updates for Noct ASB_201909

android_system_nfc: Prevent OOB read in

android_system_nfc: Prevent integer overflow in NDEF_MsgValidate

android_system_core: Fix a memory leak in gatekeeper.

android_frameworks_native: Fix race between SensorManager ctor and callback

android_frameworks_native: Free mObjects if no objects left to realloc on resize

android_frameworks_base: Fix Layout.primaryIsTrailingPreviousAllLineOffsets

android_frameworks_base: HidProfile: sync isPreferred() with HidHostService

android_external_libhevc: decoder: Fix valid SPS check in parsing SEI

--- Changed on 2019-08-25 ---

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2019-08-05

android_build_make: Bump Security String to 2019-07-05

android_packages_apps_Settings: Make ScreenPinningSettings behaviour consistent with lock tasks.

android_packages_apps_Settings: Do not allow draw on top for App notification settings

android_external_sfntly: Fix uninitialized value in sfntly

android_packages_providers_TelephonyProvider: Check access to user and password fields in APN db

android_system_security: Fix keystore wifi concurrency issue.

android_system_tools_hidl: Zero hidl-generated structs

android_system_libhwbinder: readCString: no ubsan sub-overflow

android_system_libhwbinder: Rely on compiler to zero out structs.

android_system_libhidl: Delete vestigial Status parcel read.

android_system_libhidl: Zero-initialize hidl_vec data

android_system_libhidl: Zero-init HIDL core types (all)

android_system_bt: DO NOT MERGE Fix for Bluetooth connection being dropped after HCI Read Encryption Key Size

android_system_bt: DO NOT MERGE: osi: Offload mutex pointer to local scope

android_system_bt: Fix potential OOB read in sdpu_get_len_from_type

android_packages_services_Telecomm: Add flag to default dialer change dialog

android_packages_apps_Nfc: Prevent OOB Read in Mfc_Transceive

android_packages_apps_Nfc: Prevent OOB write in Mfc_Transceive

android_packages_apps_Nfc: Prevent OOB write in phFriNfc_ExtnsTransceive

android_frameworks_native: libbinder: Status: check dataPosition sets.

android_frameworks_native: libbinder: readCString: no ubsan sub-overflow

android_frameworks_native: Zero-initialize HIDL structs before passing

android_frameworks_base: Protect VPN dialogs against overlay.

android_frameworks_base: Make Lock task default consistent w/ Settings (oc-mr1-dev).

android_frameworks_base: HwBlob: s/malloc/calloc/

android_frameworks_av: AMR WB encoder: prevent OOB write in ACELP_4t64_fx

android_frameworks_av: httplive: detect oom if playlist is infinite

android_frameworks_av: Fix overflow/dos in 3gg text description parsing

android_frameworks_av: DO NOT MERGE: audiopolicy: Remove raw pointer references to AudioMix

android_frameworks_av: Zero-initialize HIDL structs before passing

android_frameworks_av: Remove unused AVIExtractor source

android_external_libhevc: Add push-pop for Neon D8-D15 registers

android_external_libhevc: Add few more checks for invalid parameters in sps

android_external_libhevc: Add missing return check for short_term_ref_pic_set()

android_external_libhevc: Add bounds check for tile dimensions

android_external_libavc: Decoder: Delete node from st if lt and st point to same

android_art: Use conservative permissions when creating files in ART

android_external_chromium-libpac: Disable optimizing compiler for pac file

android_external_libvpx: Fixes a double free in ContentEncoding

android_external_libvpx: Check there is only one settings per ContentCompression

android_bionic: linker: Don't involve shim in for_each_dt_needed

android_bionic: linker: Ensure active matching pairs

android: manifest: Updates for Noct 201907 and 201908 ASBs

--- Changed on 2019-08-24 ---

android_device_nvidia_shieldtablet: shieldtablet: Align more with upstream

--- Changed on 2019-08-06 ---

android_packages_apps_Gallery2: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Automatic translation import

--- Changed on 2019-08-05 ---

android_packages_apps_Messaging: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Gallery2: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Settings: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Snap: Automatic translation import

--- Changed on 2019-05-20 ---

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Track our own common-caf repo

--- Changed on 2019-05-18 ---

android_device_motorola_lux: lux: set up dependencies

--- Changed on 2019-03-06 ---

android_device_sony_z3: z3: fix enabling NFC-F HCE breaking HCE completely.

android_device_sony_z3: z3: Advertise support for extended length nfc

android_device_sony_z3c: z3c: fix enabling NFC-F HCE breaking HCE completely.

android_device_sony_z3c: z3c: Advertise support for extended length nfc

--- Changed on 2019-01-15 ---

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CRStats: explicitly cancel old jobs

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: Clean out imports

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: Set AnonymousStats switch to Secure

--- Changed on 2018-11-11 ---

android_vendor_carbon: vendorsetup: add s5neoltexx

--- Changed on 2018-10-21 ---

android_device_samsung_star-common: star: power: Take care of input state

android_kernel_samsung_starlte: Revert "input: sec_ts: bind input_open/close to display state"

android_kernel_samsung_starlte: video: fbdev: exynos: mdnie: Set default display mode to natural

--- Changed on 2018-10-20 ---

android_device_samsung_star-common: Revert "Revert "Revert "star: use clang to compile kernel"""

android_device_samsung_star-common: star: Remove PowerHAL

--- Changed on 2018-10-16 ---

android_device_samsung_star-common: star: Correctly remove MusicFX

--- Changed on 2018-10-06 ---

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: CarbonDelta: block scheduler updates while other things are running

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: OpenDelta: find the white mouse

--- Changed on 2018-10-04 ---

android_packages_apps_Snap: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Settings: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Gallery2: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Messaging: Automatic translation import

android_frameworks_base: Automatic translation import

--- Changed on 2018-09-14 ---

android_device_zuk_z2_plus: audio/mixer_paths_tasha.xml:bumped to 88(86 isn't enough)

--- Changed on 2018-09-13 ---

android_device_sony_poplar: poplar: extend yoshino init with poplar init

android_device_sony_maple: maple: extend yoshino init with maple init

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: yoshino: Make init extendable with device init

--- Changed on 2018-09-10 ---

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: Disable lockscreen rotation on phones

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Add vsync phase offsets

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: gps: Use AOSP and Google provider for FLP

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: gps: Update GPS module to use XTRA servers for fast gps lock

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: dependencies: Remove qcom/common

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Add Lineage power hal to manifest

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Switch to QTI binderized powerHAL

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: manifest: Fix typo

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sony-8974: Fix radio.deprecated entry in treble manifest.

android_device_sony_rhine-common: [HACK] rhine: Fix connection to some mobile data networks

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine: Add sony ril props

android_device_sony_rhine-common: libril: Protect against NULL unsolicited response function

android_device_sony_rhine-common: Store the system time when NITZ is received.

android_build_make: product: Revert "Add NfcNci to default builds."

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Disable AOD

android_device_leeco_x2: x2:Increase in call volume Signed-off-by: Chityanj

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: Convert audio_effects.conf to audio_effects.xml

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: Adjust overlays for recently added light capability

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: lights: fix hasRGBlight

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: light: Always apply RGB brightness scaling

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: lights: add commonized native binderized HAL

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: move ro.telephony.default_network to init

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: improve

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: clean up system.prop

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: add com.qualcomm.qti.uceservice to manifest

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: sepolicy: fix bluetooth, drm/widevine and thermal engine denials

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: Bring config.fs more in line with CAF

--- Changed on 2018-09-09 ---

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: update device tree to current blob locations

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: Revert "msm8996-common: wifi: Restore previous WiFi offload setting"

android_device_leeco_x2: x2: use commonized native binderized HAL

--- Changed on 2018-09-08 ---

android_build_make: Also check if BOARD_KERNEL_SEPARATED_DTBO is set

android_build_make: build: Add dtbo task

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Switch to NQ NFC

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Add qti-telephony-common from tissot

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: Get out the sombreros, enchiladas are ready, party is about to start

android_vendor_carbon: envsetup: Rework and cleanup supported devices

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: fix german translations for "gesture"

android_packages_apps_Nfc: NFC: Adding new vendor specific interface to NFC Service

android_frameworks_base: frameworks/base: Support for third party NFC features and extensions

android: manifest: Sync NXP NFC stack

--- Changed on 2018-09-07 ---

android_device_sony_poplar: proprietary: Add CustomizationSelector and dependencies

android_device_sony_poplar: prop: Don't set ro.telephony.default_network

android_device_sony_poplar: proprietary: Allow linking against libmiscta

android_device_sony_poplar: proprietary: Add libiddjni libs

android_device_sony_poplar: proprietary: Remove duplicate file

android_device_sony_poplar: proprietary: Create ims app symlinks like stock

android_device_sony_poplar: proprietary: Do not copy libimscamera to vendor

android_device_sony_common-treble: config: Add sony privapp permissions

android_device_sony_common-treble: config: Add qti privapp permissions

android_device_sony_common-treble: sepolicy: Don't audit ioctl call to qcril.db in /vendor

android_device_sony_common-treble: sepolicy: Allow platform_app to read semc_version properties

android_device_sony_common-treble: config: Update GPS config

android_device_sony_common-treble: config-files: Also install gps.conf to /vendor/etc

android_device_sony_common-treble: config: Enable XTRA_TEST_ENABLED in gps.conf

android_device_sony_common-treble: overlay: Fix SUPL_MODE

android_device_sony_common-treble: config: Use geolocation based NTP server for GPS

android_device_sony_common-treble: hardware: Remove power HAL and rqbalance extension.

android_device_sony_common-treble: common: voice_processing: Fix build with VNDK=current

android_device_sony_common-treble: overlay: Show DocumentsUI internal storage by default

android_device_sony_common-treble: gps: Put XTRA_SERVERs into overlay

android_device_sony_common-treble: config: Update gps config

android_device_sony_common-treble: sepolicy: Allow thermal-engine to access hwservicemanager_prop

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Allow rild to read semc_version

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Allow toolbox to complely remove idd files

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Fix denials caused by CustomizationSelector

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Fix property_contests

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: init: Add init extension for loading customizer properties

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: init: Run on fs

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: hardware: Set a property after mounting oem partiton

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: hardware: Add some code for dumping ta cust version

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Allow toolbox to remove idd_data and idd_rca directories

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Allow camera app to access cacaoserver

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Label tof_power_ctl

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Allow hal_camera_somc to access /dev/i2c-8

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Allow appdomain (camera app) to bind cacaoserver

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Allow platform_app to find cacaoserver_service

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Rename cacao_service to cacaoserver_service

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: sepolicy: Allow idd to access the socket file

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: yoshino: Disable QAHW

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: hardware: gps: Fix build with VNDK=current

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: init: Bring CPU and governor settings in line with stock.

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: init: Remove unused cpuquiet entries.

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: init: Remove obsolete tunables

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: init: Set sync wakee policy tunable

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: init: Decrease sched_freq_{inc,dec}_notify

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: init: Apply tuning after boot completed

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: clearpad: Fix touch pressure issues and cleanup

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: hardware: Add ims app symlinks

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: modem: Also mount the oem system-properties

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: modem: Fix /oem for CustomizationSelector

android_device_sony_maple: proprietary: Add CustomizationSelector and dependencies

android_device_sony_maple: prop: Don't set ro.telephony.default_network

android_device_sony_maple: proprietary: Allow linking against libmiscta

android_device_sony_maple: proprietary: Add libiddjni libs

android_device_sony_maple: proprietary: Remove duplicate file

android_device_sony_maple: proprietary: Create ims app symlinks like stock

android_device_sony_maple: proprietary: Do not copy libimscamera to vendor

--- Changed on 2018-09-05 ---

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: update firmware 5.1.4

--- Changed on 2018-09-04 ---

android: manifest: Track Lineage Webview and our MusicFX

--- Changed on 2018-09-02 ---

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: update gps configs from 5.1.4

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: audio: fix 5.1.4 merge fail

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: update data-ipa-cfg-mgr from LA.UM.6.4.r1-10300-8x98.0

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: audio: update configs from 5.1.4 and caf

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: update gps from LA.UM.6.4.r1-08500-8x98.0

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: update blobs from 5.1.4

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: audio: temp disable broken deep_buffer playback

android_device_oneplus_dumpling: dumpling: update firmware 5.1.4

--- Changed on 2018-08-17 ---

android_device_xiaomi_land: land: audio: Update backend interfaces for internal codec

--- Changed on 2018-08-14 ---

android_frameworks_av: OMXNodeInstance: Allow dynamic native handle for shared mem buffer

android_vendor_carbon: soong_config: Add TARGET_NEEDS_LEGACY_CAMERA_HAL1_DYN_NATIVE_HANDLE

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: Enable TARGET_NEEDS_LEGACY_CAMERA_HAL1_DYN_NATIVE_HANDLE

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Enable TARGET_NEEDS_LEGACY_CAMERA_HAL1_DYN_NATIVE_HANDLE

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Allow CarbonDelta to create files on cache

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: CarbonDelta: Replace string comparision with Long parsing of digits only

--- Changed on 2018-08-11 ---

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: QS: add power tile

--- Changed on 2018-08-10 ---

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: hardware: Update gps to LA.UM.6.4.r1-10300-8x98.0

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: hardware: Update data-ipa-cfg-mgr to LA.UM.6.4.r1-10300-8x98.0

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: hardware: Update bluetooth to LA.UM.6.4.r1-10300-8x98.0

android_device_sony_shinano-common: Revert "shinano-common: build: Add widevine BLOB include"

--- Changed on 2018-08-09 ---

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: increase audio bitrates for camcoder

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Copy qti_whitelist.xml to the proper target folder

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: configpanel: Cleanup the mess

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Import Keyhandler package from oppo_common

--- Changed on 2018-08-08 ---

android_kernel_leeco_msm8996: Fix QC switch

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996: drop power reduction (FOSS)

android_kernel_leeco_msm8996: x2: Add focus fix module parameter

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996-common:Modernize lepref and make it adaptive to accents All thabks to @kihope

android_device_leeco_x2: x2: Add focus fix parameter switch

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: Fix selinux denials for lepref

android_device_leeco_msm8996-common: msm8996-common:Add Lepref and focus fix toogle

--- Changed on 2018-08-07 ---

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Add proprietary verizon bits for wfc/vowifi

android_frameworks_hwkeys-support: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Settings: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Gallery2: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Messaging: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Snap: Automatic translation import

android_frameworks_base: Automatic translation import

--- Changed on 2018-08-05 ---

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: minor doze fix

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: update gps config

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Fix typo from CodeAurora in the QTI whitelist

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Add Airtel volte support

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: doze:remove translations

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Import doze from Lineage tree

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: enable burnIn protection support

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3/t: overlay: enable third party NLPs.

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3/t: Use mke2fs to create ext4 images

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Use low level shutdown trigger to stop cnss-daemon

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Drop deprecated OpenGLRenderer props

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Enable auto brightness by default

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: releasetools: Split up getting android-info.txt

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Enable VoLTE to enable calling over LTE for Vodafone India - Mumbai

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Remove references to deleted dhcpcd.conf

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: data-ipa-cfg-mgr: Sync with LA.UM.6.5.r1-08900-8x96.0

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: op3: Fix typo from CodeAurora in the QTI whitelist

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: doze: Import doze from Lineage tree

--- Changed on 2018-08-04 ---

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: remove Night Display color temperatures

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: disable bt testing/debugging apps

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: inherit Carbon GSM telephony parts

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: cleanup spelling errors/

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: don't build mm-qcamera-app

android_device_google_sailfish: sailfish: remove non-existent include

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: set ui thread runnable time to zero

--- Changed on 2018-08-03 ---

android_device_google_marlin: marlin/sailfish: add Schedutil support to the power hal

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Adapt to Carbon.

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: import doze stuff from op3

--- Changed on 2018-08-02 ---

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: Revert "msm8974: Allow vfat and fuse access for mediaextractor"

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Add mediaextractor access for sdcard

android_build_make: build: Allow using prebuilt vbmeta images in signed builds

--- Changed on 2018-08-01 ---

android_packages_services_Telephony: Use proper summary for network select list preference on dsds/dsda/tsts

--- Changed on 2018-07-31 ---

android_device_oppo_common: oppo_common: remove unused releasetools

--- Changed on 2018-07-30 ---

android_device_lge_mako: Revert "mako: Enable Call Recording"

android_device_lge_mako: mako: pin modified/kanged blobs

android_device_lge_mako: mako: update proprietary-blobs.txt to match latest files

android_device_lge_mako: mako: Update file extractors to match new template

android_device_lge_mako: mako: Reorder tetherable connection types

android_device_lge_mako: mako: Drop unused HWC2 HIDL impl

android_kernel_lge_mako: ANDROID: sdcardfs: fix potential crash when reserved_mb is not zero

--- Changed on 2018-07-29 ---

android_frameworks_base: PhoneWindowManager: Fix haptic on navbar when hwkeys is disabled

android_frameworks_base: Power button flashlight: allow to skip proximity check per device

android_bionic: libc: add /odm/bin to the DEFPATH

android_bionic: linker: add support for odm partition

android_external_skia: skia: detect ASIMDHP on ARM64

android_external_skia: skia: squash some clip and path fixes

android_external_skia: fine-grained ARMv7 CPU feature detection

android_external_skia: Tweak HWCAP_... names to avoid clash with hwcap.h

android_external_skia: Optimize the for loop in onGetYUV8Planes

android_external_skia: Skia performance optimize for bitmap

android_external_skia: external/skia: Take Fast Jpeg Decoding Path

android_external_skia: Revert "external/skia: QTI Optimization"

android_external_skia: Revert "qc-skia: Include as proprietary static lib"

android_external_skia: Revert "Give Color32 weak attribute."

android_external_skia: skia: Add a header-only target

android_external_libjpeg-turbo: libjpeg-turbo: add config to disable merged upsample

android_external_libjpeg-turbo: Handle corner case where merged_upsampler is used for regional decoding

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Allow fsck_untrusted to mount vfat

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: CarbonDelta: Allow toggling A/B perf mode

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: CarbonDelta: hide progress text space with stop button

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: CarbonDelta: Configure Delta to work with AB

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: Add AB Update support

android_packages_apps_Settings: Remove AOSP Ambient display conditionally

android_device_nvidia_shieldtablet: Add thermalhal config xmls

android_vendor_carbon: backuptool: introduce addon.d script versioning

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: add custom backuptools and postinstall script for A/B OTAs

--- Changed on 2018-07-28 ---

android_device_google_marlin: marlin/sailfish: compile kernel with Clang

--- Changed on 2018-07-27 ---

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: use marlin_defconfig instead of lineage defconfig

--- Changed on 2018-07-26 ---

android_device_nvidia_shieldtablet: shieldtablet: Bring dependencies back home

android_system_update_engine: update_engine: Add performance mode

android_system_update_engine: update_engine: run backuptool script before normal postinstall script

android: manifest: track our own update_engine

android_device_xiaomi_vince: vince: clear up dependencies

--- Changed on 2018-07-25 ---

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: Add Permissions for CarbonDelta and Snap

--- Changed on 2018-07-24 ---

android_device_leeco_x2: x2: remove two missing platfom info xml entries

android_device_leeco_x2: x2: Drop deprecated OpenGLRenderer props

android_device_leeco_x2: x2: init: clean up

android_device_leeco_x2: x2: auto brigthness from mata

android_device_leeco_x2: x2: Mic fixes & volumes

android_device_leeco_x2: x2: move ATFWD-daemon to common

android: manifest: track our own libjpeg-turbo

--- Changed on 2018-07-22 ---

android_system_nfc: Memory leak fix in NFA_SetRfDiscoveryDuration()

android_system_nfc: Correct the parameter length for core_initialized()

android_system_nfc: Fix TASKPTR's definition to match actual function signatures.

android_system_nfc: Fix GKI task release twice issue

android_system_core: Revert "add odm partition to ld.config.legacy"

android_system_core: Revert "Allow firmware loading from ODM partition"

android_hardware_qcom_gps: Revert "gps: use TARGET_BOARD_AUTO to override qcom hals"

android_bionic: Revert "libc: add /odm/bin to the DEFPATH"

android_bionic: Revert "linker: add support for odm partition"

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: Allow updater_engine to bypass neverallows on user builds

--- Changed on 2018-07-21 ---

android_bionic: libc: Add kryo specific memcpy

--- Changed on 2018-07-20 ---

android_frameworks_rs: QSML: Update to 0.15.5

android_frameworks_av: audiopolicy: update APM to use custom audio policy configuration

android_frameworks_base: base: limit direct share targets to reduce lag

android_build_make: repopick: Try to keep the changes sorted

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: Newline love for adb extraction

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: make get_file() able to search paths with and w/o /system prefix

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: extract(): fix src not being searched in "src:dst;args" spec

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: extract(): rename DEST variable to VENDOR_REPO_FILE

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: extract(): rename ARGS variable to SPEC_ARGS

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: extract(): rename FILE variable to SPEC_SRC_FILE

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: extract(): rename FROM variable to SPEC_DST_FILE

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: create src_file() function to mirror behavior of target_file()

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: prefix_match(): do not strip target_args from its output

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: target_file() and target_args() cleanup

android_vendor_carbon: Revert "extract_files: Add support for paths without system/"

android_vendor_carbon: Revert "extract_utils: Fix makefile generation issues"

android_vendor_carbon: extract_utils: Fix pinning when not cleaning vendor dir

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Label aw2013 HIDL light HAL

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Add legacy-mm livedisplay label

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: Revert "sepolicy: suppress denial logspam"

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Add rules for LiveDisplay HIDL HAL

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: Make fuseblk use vfat context

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: add rules for updater and update_engine

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: common: add update_engine policies

android_system_sepolicy: Hide some denials.

android_system_sepolicy: priv_app: suppress denials for /proc/stat

android_system_sepolicy: Suppress denials for non-API access

android_system_sepolicy: priv_app: move logspam suppression to core policy

android_system_sepolicy: Suppress denials from sdcardfs (b/67454004)

android_system_sepolicy: Allow system_server to update timerslack_ns for hal_audio_default

android_system_sepolicy: system_server: allow writing to timerslack_ns

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: allow update_engine to bypass neverallows for backuptool

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: Allow init to modify system_blk_device

android_vendor_carbon: verity: Implement verity tool

--- Changed on 2018-07-19 ---

android_build_make: Add support for ZSH arrays

android_build_make: releasetools: Move the AVB salt setup into common.LoadInfoDict().

android_build_make: releasetools: Always create IMAGES/ directory.

android_build_make: releasetools: Fix the size check for AVB images.

android_build_make: Reorder assert-max-image-size and AVB signing

android_build_make: releasetools: Allow building AVB-enabled recovery.img.

android_build_make: releasetools: Fix the rebuilding of vbmeta.img.

android_build_make: build: Allow devices to provide prebuilt vbmeta image

android_build_make: build: recovery: add vendor to exclusion list

android_build_make: build: Add support for sdm845 platform

android_build_make: lineage: qcom: Set thermal & vr HAL pathmaps

android_build_make: lineage: qcom: Enable TARGET_USES_COLOR_METADATA for msm8937 & msm8953

android_build_make: lineage: qcom: Enable media extensions for all QC devices

android_build_make: build: qcom_target: Add sdm660

android_build_make: build: qcom_target: Define MASTER_SIDE_CP_TARGET_LIST

android_build_make: qcom: Automatically set TARGET_USES_COLOR_METADATA for msm8996/8

android_build_make: qcom: Enable TARGET_USES_QCOM_MM_AUDIO

android_build_make: kernel: Allow installing modules on system

android_frameworks_av: Camera: CameraHardwareInterface: Releasing mHIDLMemoryMapLock in QdataCallback

android_frameworks_av: Camera:CameraService: Added lock on mHIDLMemPoolId in QDataCallback..

android_frameworks_native: sensorservice: customize sensor fusion mag filter via prop

android_frameworks_base: UpdateEngine: Add perf mode binder interface

android: manifest: Track the Lineage libdrm repo

android_bionic: libc: kryo300 specific memory routine

android_build_soong: soong: Add kryo300 cpu variant to build/song

android_art: art: extend the supported cpu_variant list for arm64

--- Changed on 2018-07-18 ---

android: lineage: Add sdm845 platform projects

android: Track lineage-15.1 for MSM8916

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Drop deprecated OpenGLRenderer props

--- Changed on 2018-07-16 ---

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: Revert "disable bluetooth and enable notification pulse by default"

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