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CarbonROM Changelog

*Changes do not indicate successful weekly compilation*

--- Changed on 2019-01-22 ---

android_frameworks_base: base: Actually fix the padding on StatusBar

android_system_sepolicy: Fix storaged access to /sys/block/mmcblk0/stat after 48027a00

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sepolicy: remove qemu_hw_prop access

android_frameworks_base: CustomCarrier: Fix NPE in updateSettings by using mContentResolver

android_vendor_carbon: permissions: Whitelist OVERRIDE_WIFI_CONFIG for

android: manifest: Track our own PhoneCommon

--- Changed on 2019-01-21 ---

android_frameworks_base: base: SystemUI: set default SIM provisioned to true

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: tuner: add switch to hide disabled SIM or not

android_frameworks_base: StatusBarSignalPolicy: Hide signal icons for disabled SIMs

android_frameworks_base: base: SystemUI: fix tuner status bar icon blacklist

android_frameworks_base: base: Add additional builtins to scan ids.

android_frameworks_base: uce: Updating UCE API to accept ICC-ID.

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Allow overlaying max notification icons

android_frameworks_base: Telephony: NPE observed in Settings when click on Search settings

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Fix an issue where unlocking the SIM PIN failed

android_frameworks_base: Fix showing empty signal strength for TD-SCDMA

android_frameworks_base: Fix property setting with failure

android_frameworks_base: frameworks/base: Add HDMI hotplug handling

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Fix wrong SIM PIN message

android_frameworks_base: Wallpaper is half black after rotating quickly

android_frameworks_base: Check if EIMS when confirming network

android_frameworks_base: null check before accessing getCurrentScore()

android_frameworks_base: net: modify connecitvity rematch logic to support MSIM devices

android_frameworks_base: Add ICCID into CarrierIdentifier

android_frameworks_base: BT: Send info if call is CS type from telecomm service to BT apps.

android_frameworks_base: Emergency SMS carrier config flag

android_frameworks_base: IMS-VT: Add config to control holding a video call

android_frameworks_base: SMS: Parsing of CDMA MMS notification carried by SMS

android_frameworks_base: Telephony: Get SIM card capacity count of SMS

android_frameworks_base: IMS: Conference URI support.

android_frameworks_base: IMS: Add CALL_TYPE for audio and video inactive

android_frameworks_base: Pass correct parameters to API sendMultipartTextMessage

android_frameworks_base: Fix Possible Deadlock with getFeatureState

android_frameworks_base: IMS: Initialize provisioning status to unknown.

android_frameworks_base: FR49835: ImsMultiEndPoint - Sip Notify Change

android_frameworks_base: FR49835: ImsMultiEndPoint - Sip Notify Change

android_frameworks_base: IMS: Support Robocall Feature For MT VOLTE Calls

android_frameworks_base: IMS: Propagate call session property changed message

android_frameworks_base: IMS: Support for Implicit Call Rejection

android_frameworks_base: IMS: Adding support for TIR/TIP permanent provisioning

android_frameworks_base: Use proper coded alphabet when a contact is written into EF_ADN of USIM.

android_frameworks_base: Avoid WiFi to Cellular silent redial when roaming

android_frameworks_base: SEEMP: framework instrumentation and AppProtect features

android_frameworks_base: Telephony: Add DisconnectCause values for clear code

android_frameworks_base: IMS: Add UT interface to query CF setting for service class.

android_frameworks_base: IMS: Add flag to control reset UT capability

android_frameworks_base: Add config to disable CDMA call forward/waiting

android: manifest: track more IMS repos

--- Changed on 2019-01-18 ---

android: manifest: track device/qcom/sepolicy from carbon

android_device_qcom_sepolicy: sepolicy: adapt to CarbonROM

android_packages_apps_Settings: Remove AOSP Ambient display conditionally

--- Changed on 2019-01-16 ---

android_device_oneplus_fajita: overlay: We have fingerprint in the front

android_device_oneplus_fajita: fajita: overlay: Add cutout settings

android_device_oneplus_fajita: fajita: notch cutout settings

android_device_oneplus_fajita: fajita: add 8dp of rounded corner padding

android_device_oneplus_fajita: Revert "fajita: Don't set PRODUCT_MODEL"

--- Changed on 2019-01-15 ---

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CRStats: explicitly cancel old jobs

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: Clean out imports

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: Set AnonymousStats switch to Secure

--- Changed on 2019-01-13 ---

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: cleanup and sort soong variables

android_vendor_carbon: soong_config: Add flag for crypto waiting on QSEE to start

android_vendor_carbon: soong_config: Add flag for legacy HW FDE

android_vendor_carbon: soong_config: Add new flags for HW FDE

android_frameworks_base: Use fdeCheckPassword error code to indicate pw failure

android_frameworks_base: frameworks: base: Port password retention feature

android_system_vold: vold: Move QCOM HW FDE inclusion under carbon namespace

android_system_vold: system: vold: Remove crypto block device creation

android_system_vold: vold: Add Hardware FDE feature

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_cryptfs_hw: cryptfs_hw: Fix build warnings

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_cryptfs_hw: cryptfs_hw: Remove unused variable

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_cryptfs_hw: cryptfs_hw: add missing logging tag

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_cryptfs_hw: cryptfs_hw: Featurize support for waiting on QSEE to start

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_cryptfs_hw: cryptfs_hw: Add compatibility for pre-O hw crypto

--- Changed on 2019-01-12 ---

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Allow media UID process to access CameraServiceProxy

android_frameworks_base: CameraServiceProxy: Loosen UID check conditionally

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Sort subscriptions in reversed order

android_frameworks_base: base: SystemUI: tuner: fix reorder of mobile slots

--- Changed on 2019-01-09 ---

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Update fingerprint to PQ1A.190105.004

--- Changed on 2019-01-07 ---

android_device_oppo_common: oppo-common: update dependencies

android_device_oppo_common: configpanel: replace "Alarms only" with "Vibration".

android_device_oppo_common: configpanel: Set LOCAL_PRIVATE_PLATFORM_APIS

--- Changed on 2019-01-06 ---

android_frameworks_base: PhoneWindowManager: Check if proposed rotation is in range

--- Changed on 2019-01-04 ---

android: manifest: track fw/opt/telephony from carbon

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: msm8996-common: ZukDoze: Add a meaningful summary

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: msm8996-common: ZukDoze: make icon color match others for Pie

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: msm8996-common: Import older ZukDoze package

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: nuke pocketmode

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: nuke doze

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: sepolicy: Allow wcnss_service to set wlan.driver properties

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: Zuk: Add More IMS Capabilities for AIRTEL and VODAFONE

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: Zuk: Enable VoLTE to enable calling over LTE for Airtel India.

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: Zuk: Enable VoLTE to enable calling over LTE for Vodafone India.

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: msm8996-common: update sec_config from LA.UM.7.2.r1-05400-sdm660.0

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: msm8996-common: update CarrierConfig overlays from LA.UM.7.2.r1-05400-sdm660.0

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: msm8996-common: build CarrierConfig

--- Changed on 2018-12-31 ---

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_dataservices: librmnetctl: Use generated kernel headers

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_dataservices: librmnetctl: static analyis fix

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_dataservices: librmnetctl: Egress qos for rmnet driver

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_dataservices: QSSI Changes Data

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_dataservices: librmnetctl: Fix for avc denial in netmgrd

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_dataservices: datatop: Fix compilation errors due to -Werror

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_dataservices: librmnetctl: Add support for rmnet driver

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_dataservices: librmnetctl: Add support to create device name as specified by user

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: use appropriate function name. Change-Id: Ib94449f998fff4867c8ada8b312f70dd37714b94

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: DcTracker: Change access modifier of isNvSubscription to protected

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: Telephony: Enable NV based CDMA data call.

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: MMS: Update apnProfileID for MMS only apn.

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: Introduce TelephonyExtUtils

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: IMS: RTT feature changes

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: MSIM: Fix to call setMccMnc() with proper mcc-mnc value

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: Telephony: Enable data call on CSIM.

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: SimPhoneBook: Add ANR/EMAIL support for USIM phonebook.

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: Avoid showing stack trace without QTI telephony extension

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: Telephony: Send INITIAL_ATTACH only when it is applicable.

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: Enable vendor Telephony plugin: MSIM Changes

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: Enable vendor Telephony plugin

android_packages_apps_Settings: MSIM: Fix user set DDS sub in hotswap cases.

android_frameworks_base: FingerprintService: add property to prevent cleanup of unused fingerprints

android_frameworks_base: Add auth framework for outgoing SMS messages.

--- Changed on 2018-12-27 ---

android: manifest: Track vendor/qcom/opensource/cryptfs_hw

--- Changed on 2018-12-25 ---

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: Track master ANC repo

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano use 8.1 fm repo

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: deps: use 8.1 thermanager

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_cryptfs_hw: cryptfs_hw: Use generated kernel headers

android_vendor_carbon: carbon: Introduce a new bootanimation

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: remove our old bootanimation

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Allow system_apps to access selinuxfs

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: Update deps for Pie

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: update dependencies for pie

android_device_sony_honami: honami: update dependencies for pie

android_device_sony_honami: honami: remove old fw/native hwui imports

android_device_sony_honami: honami: Add cache partition size

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine: Use 64-bit binder API

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: Enforcing SELinux

android_device_sony_rhine-common: move the bluetooth mac address to /data/vendor

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine: Update timekeep service init rc

android_device_sony_rhine-common: sepolicy: address timekeep denials [2/2]

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine: Add custom wifi service script

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine: init: fix compile for P

android_device_sony_rhine-common: bluetooth: Support properties for new vendor prefixes

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: Force static radio capability

android_device_sony_rhine-common: Update libril to Pie

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: Changes for Android Pie

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: Sync wifi configuration files with hammerhead

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: Add p2p_no_group_iface=1 to p2p_supplicant_overlay

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: wpa_supplicant: Add support for starting HIDL HAL lazily

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: wpa_supplicant: Move control sockets to /data/vendor

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: Create wifi directory into /data/vendor path

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: wpa_supplicant: Deprecate entropy.bin

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: Don't start supplicant with interfaces

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: Update RIL header for Pie

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rootdir: Set sys.usb.ffs.aio_compat

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: nfc: remove android.hardware.nfc@1.0-impl

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm: don't build libmm-omxcore

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: common: use 9.0 sony hardware repos

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Address some audit2allow denials and move to enforcing SELinux

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sepolicy: address timekeep denials [1/2]

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: Address several denials on P

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: sepolicy: Add restricted permissions to vendor_init

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: Switch to legacy qcom sepolicy

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: move bluetooth impl to shinano-common

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Use tether automatic upstream selection

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: Remove lineage power hal

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: power: Switch to 1.1 power HAL

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Allow additional gralloc 1.0 buffer usage bits

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Switch to common basic USB HAL

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-comon: usb: Add missed hidl_default

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Add basic USB HAL that reports no status change

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Add hostapd HIDL interface

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Uprev to supplicant 1.1

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Uprev Wi-Fi HAL to 1.2

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: libshims: Update signal.h for Android Pie

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: Update timekeep service init rc

android_device_sony_shinano-common: sepolicy: address timekeep denials [2/2]

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Move tad_static to 'class core'

android_device_sony_shinano-common: move the bluetooth mac address to /data/vendor

android_device_sony_shinano-common: nfc: use prebuilt hal from 15.1

android_device_sony_shinano-common: rootdir: Set sys.usb.ffs.aio_compat

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Fix init compilation for Pie

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Don't start supplicant with interfaces

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: wpa_supplicant(hidl): Add support for starting HAL lazily

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: wpa_supplicant: Move control sockets to /data/vendor

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: move bluetooth impl from msm8974-common

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: wpa_supplicant: Deprecate entropy.bin

android_device_sony_z3: nfc: libnfc-brcm.conf -> libnfc-nci.conf

android_device_sony_z3c: nfc: libnfc-brcm.conf -> libnfc-nci.conf

--- Changed on 2018-12-24 ---

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Battery icon style: improve text/hidden switch [2/2]

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Set defaults to battery styles

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Add battery settings

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: Add AppOps

android_packages_apps_Settings: Add progress for font apply [2/2]

android_packages_apps_Settings: Add Font preference for font manager

android_packages_apps_Settings: AppOps: Improve strings

android_packages_apps_Settings: AppOps: show/hide app type and allow/deny counters [1/2]

android_packages_apps_Settings: AppOpsDetails: Check app permissions safely

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: Bring back AppOps from oreo and before

android_packages_apps_Settings: Battery icon: fix critical level exclamation mark color on circle styles

android_packages_apps_Settings: Inherit battery meter style in view [2/2]

android_frameworks_base: FontService: Support fonts from Substratum theme packages

android_frameworks_base: FontService: Don't copy resources from /system/etc/fonts

android_frameworks_base: Add progress for font apply [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: Dynamic font fix for FDE devices

android_frameworks_base: base: Fonts: Update keyguard when font changes

android_frameworks_base: base: Add dynamic theme fonts support

android_frameworks_base: base: Introduce FontService

android_frameworks_base: Battery icon style: improve text/hidden switch [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: AppOpsManager: Fix wrong coarse location permission issue

android_frameworks_base: AppOps: show/hide app type and allow/deny counters [2/2]

android_frameworks_base: AppOps: Add BOOT_COMPLETED operation

android_frameworks_base: Catch IllegalArgumentException in stopScreenshot()

android_frameworks_base: Battery icon: force show pct in QS header and when charging/powersave

android_frameworks_base: Battery icon: circle styles fixes

android_frameworks_base: Battery icon: show outside percentage on charging

android_frameworks_base: Text battery style: show a bolt ? when charging

android_frameworks_base: Add the powersave hint to the circle battery

android_frameworks_base: Battery icon: show pct on the right of the icon like stock

android_frameworks_base: Battery styles : Fix icon portrait level

android_frameworks_base: Inherit battery meter style in view [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: Clean up battery styles

android_frameworks_base: BatteryMeterDrawable: Add hidden option

android_frameworks_base: BatteryMeterDrawable: Add text style

android_frameworks_base: BatteryMeterDrawable: Add dotted circle style

android_frameworks_base: BatteryMeterDrawable: Add battery styles

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: Implement rules for font service in p-mr0

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: rules for FontService

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: exceptions for font engine assets

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: Whitelist Settings permissions for font manager

android_hardware_qcom_gps: Use -Werror in hardware/qcom/gps

android_hardware_qcom_gps: Revert "Remove sdm845 support"

android: manifest: Track broadcom libbt from Lienage

--- Changed on 2018-12-23 ---

android: vendor: Track Lineage HW/broadcom/wlan

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: remove BOARD_USES_QTI_HARDWARE references

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: Add BOARD_USES_QCOM_HARDWARE error

--- Changed on 2018-12-22 ---

android_device_sony_z3: z3: remove old fw/native imports

android_device_sony_z3c: z3c: remove old fw/native imports

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: Update timekeep revision

--- Changed on 2018-12-19 ---

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Set SDK API level for mm-qcamera-daemon

android_packages_apps_Settings: Bring back selinux version

--- Changed on 2018-12-18 ---

android_kernel_moto_msm: allow build_open_flags() to return an error

android_kernel_moto_msm: do_last(): fix missing checks for LAST_BIND case

android_kernel_moto_msm: Merge branch 'lineage-16.0' of into HEAD

android_kernel_moto_msm: mm/vmalloc.c: Correctly calculate VMALLOC_TOTAL

android_kernel_moto_msm: mm, vmalloc: constify allocation mask

android_kernel_moto_msm: mm/vmalloc: use NUMA_NO_NODE

android_kernel_moto_msm: mm/vmalloc.c: replace seq_printf by seq_puts

android_kernel_moto_msm: mm, vmalloc: use well-defined find_last_bit() func

android_kernel_moto_msm: fs: allow open(dir, O_TMPFILE|..., 0) with mode 0

android_kernel_moto_msm: ext[34]: fix double put in tmpfile

android_kernel_moto_msm: vfs: add missing check for __O_TMPFILE in fcntl_init()

android_kernel_moto_msm: fs: Fix file mode for O_TMPFILE

android_kernel_moto_msm: ext3: fix a BUG when opening a file with O_TMPFILE flag

android_kernel_moto_msm: ext4: fix a BUG when opening a file with O_TMPFILE flag

android_kernel_moto_msm: allow O_TMPFILE to work with O_WRONLY

android_kernel_moto_msm: Safer ABI for O_TMPFILE

android_kernel_moto_msm: ext4: ->tmpfile() support

android_kernel_moto_msm: ext3 ->tmpfile() support

android_kernel_moto_msm: allow the temp files created by open() to be linked to

android_kernel_moto_msm: [O_TMPFILE] it's still short a few helpers, but infrastructure should be OK now...

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: Add support to configure custom device name

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: validate csum in SW

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: Change the print format for addresses

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: Add support for MAPv4 data format

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: add support for UL MAP based checksum offload

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: Checksum offload handle IPv4 UDP frames with 0 checksum

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: Fix deaggregation to work with DL checksum offload

android_kernel_moto_msm: Compilation issue fix.

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: Add counters for downlink checksum offload return codes

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: add support for DL MAP based checksum offload

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: Move MAP header definition to UAPI

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: adding new trace points

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: rmnet_data: use memcpy() during deaggration of MAP frames

android_kernel_moto_msm: net: tc_qdisc_flow_control returning qdisc size

android_kernel_moto_msm: ion: invalidate the pool pointers after free

android_kernel_moto_msm: msm: camera: Fix out-of-bounds read in string class name.

android_kernel_moto_msm: msm: sps: Suppress bind/unbind attributes

android_kernel_moto_msm: media: uvcvideo: Prevent heap overflow when accessing mapped controls

android_kernel_moto_msm: exec: Limit arg stack to at most 75% of _STK_LIM

android_kernel_moto_msm: apq8084: fix commit "ANDROID: sdcardfs: Hold i_mutex for i_size_write"

android_kernel_moto_msm: ARM: dts: msm: Remove heap-align for SECURE_DMA heap on 8084

android_kernel_moto_msm: ARM: dts: msm: Disable U1U2 low power mode on 8084

android_kernel_moto_msm: msm: vidc: Fast forward power collapse features

android_kernel_moto_msm: ARM: dts: msm: Remove support for qcrypto1 device for 8084

android_kernel_moto_msm: ALSA: control: Hardening for potential Spectre v1

android_kernel_moto_msm: sched/core: Fix possible Spectre-v1 indexing for sched_prio_to_weight[]

android_kernel_moto_msm: kernel/sys.c: fix potential Spectre v1 issue

android_kernel_moto_msm: sched/autogroup: Fix possible Spectre-v1 indexing for sched_prio_to_weight[]

android_kernel_moto_msm: sched/autogroup: Fix 64-bit kernel nice level adjustment

android_device_moto_shamu: Merge into HEAD

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: lineage_shamu: Cleanup

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Drop

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: power: Drop default POWER_HINT_INTERACTION routine

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Remove soundtrigger related files

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Cleanup rootdir

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Remove redundant option from fstab

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: sepolicy: Surpress denial logspam

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Use the group Wi-Fi Direct interface on bcm43xx

android_device_moto_shamu: Revert "shamu: Mark concurrent wifi STA-P2P as unsupported"

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Exclude Serif Fonts

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Enable Always-On-Display

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Mark concurrent wifi STA-P2P as unsupported

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: power: Remove 1.0 HAL remnants

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Enable zRAM

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: power hal: Bring back POWER_HINT_LAUNCH handling

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Remove unused TARGET_HW_DISK_ENCRYPTION flag

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Switch to power HAL 1.1

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: power: Return empty subsystems power stats and always use Power@1.1

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: add nav bar toggle[2/2]

android_frameworks_base: Add NavBar toggle [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: add more buttons to NavBar Tuner

android_frameworks_base: base: SystemUI: bring back tuner navbar editor from N

--- Changed on 2018-12-08 ---

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: PQ1A.181205.002.A1

--- Changed on 2018-12-04 ---

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Update fingerprint to PQ1A.181205.002

--- Changed on 2018-11-15 ---

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: add fajita to guard

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: update lineage 16.0 deps

android_device_oneplus_fajita: fajita: update sdm845 dependency org

--- Changed on 2018-11-14 ---

android_vendor_carbon: build: Use TOPDIR, not TOP

android_vendor_carbon: carbon: add BUILD_RRO_SYSTEM_PACKAGE target

--- Changed on 2018-11-12 ---

android: manifest: track LineageOS hardware/qcom/power

--- Changed on 2018-11-11 ---

android_hardware_qcom_display: msm8084: Include string.h where it is necessary

android: manifest: track Lineage hardware/broadcom/nfc

android_vendor_carbon: vendor/carbon: properly format

android_vendor_carbon: vendor/carbon: Add support for java source overlays

android_vendor_carbon: Support kernels that use LTO

android_vendor_carbon: kernel: Remove kernel{x}config

android_vendor_carbon: kernel: Remove deprecated flag errors

android_vendor_carbon: vendor/lineage: Remove headers generation

android_vendor_carbon: carbon: Dynamically generate kernel headers using lineage generator

android_vendor_carbon: vendor/carbon: Add soong generator module type

android_vendor_carbon: carbon: Move some kernel definitions to BoardConfigKernel

android_vendor_carbon: kernel: Correct CROSS_COMPILE_ARM32 toolchain

android_build_soong: soong sbox: Add option to allow copying all generated output

android_build_soong: soong: Add java sources overlay support

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Update fingerprint to PQ1A.181105.017.A1

--- Changed on 2018-11-06 ---

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: move pixel 2016 exclusive configurations to nexus.xml

--- Changed on 2018-11-04 ---

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: dont disable MVS

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: move nexus.xml to the device tree

android_device_google_marlin: CarrierConfigs: Enable VoWiFi on Rogers and Fido

android_device_google_marlin: Revert "marlin/sailfish: use Googles CarrierSettings"

--- Changed on 2018-10-29 ---

android_kernel_sony_msm8998: msm: vidc: Addition of enums for HLG and HDR10

--- Changed on 2018-10-26 ---

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Remove android.hidl.base

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Set voice call volume steps to 7

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Media volume: from 15 to 25 steps

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Unset PRODUCT_FULL_TREBLE_OVERRIDE

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Move inclusion to enchilada

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Remove IOP system libs

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Remove unneeded xml permissions

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Add missing power_supply genfscon rules

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Allow appdomain to get vendor_camera_prop

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Add aptX blobs

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Allow hal_usb to read and write to sysfs_oem

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Load A2DP configuration from a2dp_audio_policy_configuration.xml

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Bind mount our own audio policy configuration

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Allow system_app to getattr on sysfs_fpc_proximity

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Adapt for local LineageHW java overlays

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Define DTBOIMG Size

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Build disabled VBMeta image

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: Revert "sdm845-common: Provide our own vbmeta image"

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Fix shared vdex name

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Update tether overlays

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Renamed config_dozeAfterScreenOff

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Fix lights HAL denials

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: sepolicy: Allow init to chown/chmod on pseudo files in /sys

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: doze: Set LOCAL_PRIVATE_PLATFORM_APIS

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: KeyHandler: Set LOCAL_PRIVATE_PLATFORM_APIS

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: pocketmode: Set LOCAL_PRIVATE_PLATFORM_APIS

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Set 2nd CPU variant to cortex-a75

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: Revert "sdm845-common: overlay: Set higher status bar height"

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: Revert "sdm845-common: Adjust SystemUI layouts to compensate for notch."

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: lights: Update service entry for P

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Update media_profiles to P

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Update some props for P

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Don't build vndk_package

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Update extra rootdir folders/symlinks for P

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Enable vndk runtime isolation

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Update cmdline for P vendor

android_device_oneplus_enchilada: enchilada: Inherit

android_device_oneplus_enchilada: enchilada: Update power_profile to P

android_device_oneplus_enchilada: enchilada: overlay: Add cutout settings

--- Changed on 2018-10-24 ---

android_vendor_carbon: Add rules for non platform apps that use hidden APIs

android_packages_apps_Settings: Fix Battery settings FC

--- Changed on 2018-10-23 ---

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: enable WiFi calling support for Fido

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: use Googles CarrierSettings

--- Changed on 2018-10-22 ---

android_device_google_sailfish: sailfish: include

--- Changed on 2018-10-10 ---

android_vendor_carbon: vendor/carbon: cleanup

--- Changed on 2018-10-09 ---

android: manifest: track our own libhidl

android_build_make: core_base: Remove libnfc_ndef from PRODUCT_PACKAGES

--- Changed on 2018-10-08 ---

android_system_vold: secdiscard: should pin_file to avoid moving blocks in F2FS

android_system_vold: vold: Also wait for dm device when mounting private volume

android_system_vold: vold: Make sure block device exists before formatting it

android_system_vold: vold: Accept Linux GPT partitions on external SD cards

android_system_vold: vold: Allow reset after shutdown

android_system_vold: vold: skip first disk change when converting MBR to GPT

android_system_vold: Treat removable UFS card as SD card

android_system_vold: Fix the group permissions of the sdcard root.

android_system_vold: vold ext4/f2fs: do not use dirsync if we're mounting adopted storage

android_system_vold: vold: Mount ext4/f2fs portable storage with sdcard_posix

android_system_vold: vold: Honor mount options for ext4/f2fs partitions

android_system_vold: vold: Support internal storage partitions

android_system_vold: vold: Fix fsck on public volumes

android_system_vold: vold: add support for more filesystems for public storage

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: New type sdcard_posix for labeled filesystems

android_packages_apps_Settings: storage: Do not allow eject for volumes on non-removable disks

android_packages_providers_MediaProvider: Fix mounting of non-FAT formatted SD cards (2/2)

android_frameworks_base: storage: Do not notify for volumes on non-removable disks

android_frameworks_base: Fix mounting of non-FAT formatted SD cards (1/2)

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: common: Label common basic USB HAL

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Update to match new qcom sepolicy

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepol: Remove exfat context and set sdFAT to exFAT

android: manifest: track our own MediaProvider

android: manifest: Enable ntfs-3g and exfat

android: manifest: Track carbon sepolicy

android: manifest: Enable ANT+

android: manifest: : Enable libnfc-nxp project

android_packages_apps_Nfc: NFC: Clean duplicated and unknown permissions

android_packages_apps_Nfc: nxp: jni: Implement AOSP P abstract methods

android_packages_apps_Nfc: nxp: jni: Remove unused variables and functions

android_packages_apps_Nfc: nxp: jni: use proper nativehelper headers

android_packages_apps_Nfc: nxp: NativeNfcManager: Implement missing inherited abstract methods

android_packages_apps_Nfc: nxp: jni: Forward-port the stack sources

android_packages_apps_Nfc: NFC: Restore legacy NXP stack

android_build_make: product: Revert "Add NfcNci to default builds."

--- Changed on 2018-10-07 ---

android: manifest: Track our own sepolicy

android_system_sepolicy: Allow e2fs to format cache

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: Allow optional platform text relocations

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: Optionally build sepolicy_freeze_test

android: manifest: Enable QCOM sepolicy

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Update fingerprint to PPR2.181005.003

--- Changed on 2018-10-06 ---

android_external_tinycompress: tinycompress: Fix compilation on old targets

android_external_tinycompress: tinycompress: tinycompress fixes

android_packages_apps_Settings: AnimationScale: Fix force close when not using english

android_vendor_carbon: common: Rewrite bash bootanimation handing to Make

--- Changed on 2018-10-05 ---

android_build_make: Also check if BOARD_KERNEL_SEPARATED_DTBO is set

android_frameworks_base: Support for device specific key handlers

android_frameworks_base: frameworks/base: Support for third party NFC features and extensions

android_packages_apps_Nfc: NFC: Adding new vendor specific interface to NFC Service

android: manifest: track our own Nfc Package

android: manifest: Re-enable NXP NFC repositories

android_bionic: libc: Mark libstdc++ as vendor available

android_bionic: bionic: Sort and cache hosts file data for fast lookup

android_bionic: libc: Add fortify support for kryo300 memcpy.

android_bionic: libc: Add fortify support for kryo memcpy.

android_bionic: libc: kryo specific memory routine

android_art: art: extend the supported cpu_variant list for arm64

--- Changed on 2018-10-04 ---

android_device_google_sailfish: sailfish: PPR2.180905.003

android_device_google_marlin: Revert "marlin: enable wireless display / miracast"

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: PPR2.180905.003

--- Changed on 2018-09-28 ---

android_device_google_sailfish: sailfish: set build fingerprint instead of override

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: set build fingerprint instead of override

android_kernel_google_marlin: Revert "mdss mdp: kcal for mdss_mdp_v1_7"

android_kernel_google_marlin: Revert "msm: mdss: KCAL: Send a pp display commit when changes are made"

android_kernel_google_marlin: Revert "msm: mdss: KCAL: disable igc update"

--- Changed on 2018-09-27 ---

android_device_sony_maple: maple: Don't include HWUI configs

android: manifest: track FDE required repos

android_vendor_carbon: qcom_target: Add wlan-caf to CFI paths

android_system_core: debuggerd: Resolve tombstoned missing O_CREAT mode

android_kernel_google_marlin: marlin: enable CC_WERROR

android_kernel_google_marlin: Input: do not emit unneeded EV_SYN when suspending

--- Changed on 2018-09-26 ---

android_kernel_google_marlin: ALSA: rawmidi: Undo my 3.18.117 resolution

android_device_google_marlin: marlin: use carbon_marlin_defconfig

android_kernel_google_marlin: marlin_defconfig: copy to carbon_marlin_defconfig

android_kernel_google_marlin: power: msm-core: Compile out temperature polling

android_kernel_google_marlin: msm: mdss: Fix potential buffer overflow

android_kernel_google_marlin: marlin: Disable EFI

--- Changed on 2018-08-18 ---

android_packages_apps_Quarks: Quarks: Set LOCAL_SDK_VERSION

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