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CarbonROM Changelog

*Changes do not indicate successful weekly compilation*

--- Changed on 2019-07-23 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: Revert "mido: Build liboffloadhal"

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update CNE blob

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: consumerir: Fix log tag

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: init: Increase maximum TCP buffer limits

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update mobile tcp buffers from motorola deen

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Update media codecs from 9.0.6

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: bring gfx props back

--- Changed on 2019-07-22 ---

android_packages_apps_Settings: Theme/accents: allow them to be used even when Substratum is installed

--- Changed on 2019-07-19 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: configs: wifi: Disable RX wakelock feature

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Fix audio recording distortion

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Disable VSync for CPU rendered apps

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mixer_paths_mtp: add path hph-lowpower-mode

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Telephony: Add support for 2 digit normal dialing numbers

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: rootdir: Change ownership of /data/vendor/tombstones to system

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: root: add permission for i2c7 device

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: ipacm: Fix memory leaks

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: ipacm: Fix another memory leak

--- Changed on 2019-07-16 ---

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: Revert "msm8998-common: Disable sdm rotator downscaler"

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: Revert "msm8998-common: enable early phase offsets"

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: audio: update acdb table from 9.0.6

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: disable rotation

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: audio: set default qcom acdb id's for headset mic

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: audio: only enable anc on handset vc

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: audio: don't enable anc on voip calls

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: mac-generator: cleanup and update

--- Changed on 2019-07-15 ---

android_frameworks_base: WifiDisplayController: handle preexisting p2p connection status

android_frameworks_base: WiFiDisplayController: Defer the P2P Initialization from its constructor.

android_frameworks_base: Merge changes for launching wifidisplay from system settings

android_vendor_carbon: qcom: Mark some gralloc bits as valid

android_frameworks_av: audiopolicy: support extended feature in audiopolicymanager

android_device_qcom_sepolicy-legacy: common: permit libqdutils operation (linked by mediaserver) during WFD

android_frameworks_base: ColorFade: fix EGL crash on exynos4 mali blobs

android_system_netd: netd: Allow devices to force-add directly-connected routes

android_system_sepolicy: Add rules required for TARGET_HAS_LEGACY_CAMERA_HAL1

android_hardware_samsung: H264Dec: Don't decode frames above full HD resolution

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: Grant mediaextractor access to files over all sdcard fs types

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: keylayout: Wake up when you touch scanner

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: overlay: Use RSRQ metric instead of the default RSSNR for calculating antenna bar signal levels

android_kernel_xiaomi_rosy: rosy: rosy-doge_defconfig: disable cpusets & cpuboost

android_kernel_xiaomi_rosy: rosy: rosy-doge_defconfig: disable memory resource controller configs

--- Changed on 2019-07-14 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: overlay: Add wifi tcp buffersizes

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: init: Create rfs data files

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Add vendor prefix to mobile data user preference properties

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Set mobile data user preference

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update nitz radio properties

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update blobs from 7.0/NRD90M/9.7.4

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Don't provide module target for libloc_api_v02

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Don't provide module target for libtime_genoff

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update Graphics stack from Aquarius X2 (Zangya)

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update sha1sum for kanged keymaster blobs

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: proprietary-files: Use keymaster@3.0-impl from Oreo.

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: make extraction scripts work with common vendor

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update blobs from Tissot

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update Graphics & Media stack from OnePlus3T

android_vendor_carbon: vendorsetup: add rosy

android_build_soong: Give Blueprint modules access to all namespaces

android_frameworks_native: Add vendor version for libgui

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Move power hal service label to dynamic

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Move livedisplay hal policy to dynamic

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Add hal_lineage_camera_motor domain

android_frameworks_av: CameraService: Support hooks for motorized camera

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: lineage: Rewrite Lineage Power HAL rules

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: qcom: Rename common to vendor to avoid confusion

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Dynamically build trust policy into system/vendor

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Remove useless CMDLINE flags

--- Changed on 2019-07-11 ---

android_frameworks_base: Option to hide data disabled indicator icon [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: Make roaming indicator optional [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: Show 4G instead of LTE switch [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: fwb: Add Pixel Blue accent color [1/3]

android_frameworks_base: fwb: Fix default accent color in QS theme tile

android_frameworks_base: NetworkTraffic: Automatically switch between statusbar or qs monitor based on device notch

android_frameworks_base: NetworkTraffic: Fix gravity

android_frameworks_base: Avoid casting network traffic to StatusBarIconView to prevent crash

android_frameworks_base: Add network traffic monitor properly to statusbar icons

android_frameworks_base: Network Traffic: Bring back for all!

android_frameworks_base: Network traffic: fix indicator not hiding on lost connection

android_frameworks_base: Net monitor: fix text color on light theme

android_frameworks_base: Move net monitor to expanded statusbar header

android_frameworks_base: Statusbar net monitor: stop the handler if screen is off

android_frameworks_base: Revert "SystemUI: Move network indicator to the right"

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Data disable icon toggle [2/2]

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Roaming indicator toggle [2/2]

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Show 4G instead of LTE [2/2]

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CarbonFibers: Add Pixel Blue accent color [3/3]

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: Add Pixel Blue accent color [2/3]

--- Changed on 2019-07-09 ---

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Kill bugreport service

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: enable all rotations

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: enable early phase offsets

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Disable sdm rotator downscaler

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: qcom.bluetooth.soc moved to vendor

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: Revert "msm8998-common: Add some graphics props"

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Add passpoint support

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: rootdir: Change readahead to 128KiB on post-boot

--- Changed on 2019-07-03 ---

android: carbon: track sm8150 hals from lineage

--- Changed on 2019-07-02 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: data-ipa-cfg-mgr: Use generated kernel headers

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Import data-ipa-cfg-mgr LA.UM.7.6.r1-05300-89xx.0

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Dirac: Change QS tile icon

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: dirac: Add Vector icons for Dirac

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Dirac: add QS tile

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: dirac: Prevent failures when toggling

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: dirac: Only call setEnabled on boot completed

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Refactor Dirac setup

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Dirac fixes

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Import dirac translations from MIUI

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Refactor dirac strings

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Add summary for dirac

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Add DiracSound backend

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Introduce Dirac preferences

android_device_xiaomi_mido: [SQUASHED] mido: Remove Dirac from parts

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: update gps from LA.UM.7.4.r1-04700-8x98.0

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: revert to old gps

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: overlay: Use vibration pattern from pixel 2

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: wifi: Enable 2.4GHz channel bonding

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: hostapd: Remove dump_file

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: address sepolicy denial with wifi hotspad

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: add wifi hostapd configs

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Disable DEXPREOPT debugging

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Add overlay to hide sRGB togle

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: enable ACS and 802.11ac for Wifi hotspot

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Update fingerprint to PQ3A.190705.001

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Goodix FP HAL: Be quiet!

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: XiaomiParts: Fix KCAL seekbar titles

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: camera: Fix build error for a new SP

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Remove useless attempts to chown and chmod /persist

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: nuke data migration scripts

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: overlay: Tune adaptive brightness nits under low light

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Reserve 128MB for critical system components.

--- Changed on 2019-07-01 ---

android: manifest: track WeatherClient

android_frameworks_base: Full gesture navbar: fix swipe to back glitches

--- Changed on 2019-06-30 ---

android_frameworks_base: Allow to set a full gesture navbar (swipe left for back action) [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: Add a sendKeycode api to Utils

android_packages_apps_Settings: Allow to set a full gesture navbar (swipe left for back action) [2/2]

--- Changed on 2019-06-27 ---

android_frameworks_base: fwb: Properly handle clock after rotate

--- Changed on 2019-06-26 ---

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Update pinned blobs to enchilada OB21

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-commob: Add qcnvitems.jar

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Unpin libwfdnative and patch it on the fly

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Update ims blobs from daisy

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: setup-makefiles: link to carbon vendor for helper files

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: sepolicy: Transition pocketmode app to its own domain

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Enable Wi-Fi MAC randomization

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Write to otg_switch node in our own init script

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Update ssr restart level prop

--- Changed on 2019-06-24 ---

android_device_xiaomi_beryllium: beryllium: Enable notch support

android_device_xiaomi_beryllium: beryllium: Update build fingerprint

android_device_xiaomi_beryllium: AutoThermalConfig: Add sepolicy

android_device_xiaomi_beryllium: AutoThermalConfig: Add more packages and game detection

android_device_xiaomi_beryllium: beryllium : Add package to send thermal messages dynamically.

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Set volume steps for vc call

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Update networkAttributes from marlin

--- Changed on 2019-06-23 ---

android_frameworks_base: Allow devices to configure the blanking delay on displays

android_frameworks_base: Fixed auto-brightness first screen update.

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Fix AOD flicker

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Decouple the auto-suspend state of the device from the display on/off state

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Enable AOD

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: doze: Add vector icon for Always-On Display Option

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: doze: Fix AoD default pref

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: doze: Check if AOD is enabled after boot

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: doze: Move Utils.checkDozeService in an handler

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: doze: Make AOD preference not persistent

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: doze: Add AOD support to Ambient Display

--- Changed on 2019-06-21 ---

android_frameworks_base: Camera: Force HAL1 for predefined package list.

--- Changed on 2019-06-18 ---

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: prop fixup

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Set TARGET_KERNEL_CROSS_COMPILE_PREFIX

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: increase the maximum size for socket receive buffer

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: update data-ipa-cfg-mgr from LA.UM.7.4.r1-05300-8x98.0

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: remove overlay-lineage

android_device_sony_rhine-common: rhine-common: bring in libshim_camera from msm8974-common

android_device_sony_shinano-common: msm8974-common: libshim_camera: Apply revert patches to Marshmallow

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: libshim_camera: Update GraphicBuffer sources to Pie

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: bring in libshim_camera from msm8974-common

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Update audio HAL properties according to HAL changes

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Move system.prop to

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Move media configs into configs subfolder

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Add kernel-headers for inline kernel build system

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Move audio into configs subfolder

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Fix build of our bluetooth header

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: tfa9890: Move HAL to vendor

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Use the wake asserts again.

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: bluetooth: Move vnd_shinano to vnd_generic

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Set BT default name dynamically

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Renamed config_dozeAfterScreenOff

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shiano-common: Drop SystemUI overlay

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Add extract-files and setup-makefiles scripts

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: move libshim_camera to platform

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: media: Remove unsopported media codecs

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974 sepolicy: Fix more DRM denials

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: Set config_requestNetworkScan_disable

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sepolicy: Fix mediadrmserver denials

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974 sepolicy: Fix more charger and init denials

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Build Trust HAL

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Uprev health to 2.0

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Inform Trust about legacy encryption support

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Remove deprecated hal_lineage_power_hwservice rule

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Build ClearKey HIDL plugin from source

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Switch to binderized DRM HAL

--- Changed on 2019-06-16 ---

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: update fingerprint from 9.0.6

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: update blobs from 9.0.6

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: audio: update mixer config from 9.0.5

android_device_oneplus_dumpling: dumpling: update fringerprint from 9.0.6

android_device_oneplus_dumpling: dumpling: update blobs from 9.0.6

android_device_oneplus_dumpling: dumpling: audio: update mixer config from 9.0.5

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: update power profile to match framework change

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: update power profile from stock

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: audio: add more devices where we want anc to be enabled

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: update vendor sp

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Change LTE antenna reception level config

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: update dependency

android_device_oneplus_dumpling: dumpling: update dependency

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: import from oppo_common

--- Changed on 2019-06-12 ---

android_device_motorola_potter: potter: keep proximityCheckOnWake off by default

android_device_motorola_potter: potter: address some vendor_init denials

--- Changed on 2019-06-11 ---

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Enable Sultan's cpu_input_boost

android_device_motorola_potter: potter: sync some config files with stock

android_frameworks_base: GlobalActionsDialog: Fix emergency icon on dark theme

android_frameworks_base: Fix emergency icon tinting

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: TelephonyExtUtils: Handle extphone binder death

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: TelephonyExtUtils: Set timeout for (de)activating provision

android_packages_services_Telephony: Fix an issue wrong network operator name is displayed on MSIM devices

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Switch to auto-brightness model from blueline

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: clear settings cache

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: pocketmode: Use OnePlus pocket sensor for pocket detection

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: doze: Use OnePlus pocket sensor for pocket and wave detection

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: pocketmode: Add local FileUtils

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: update CarrierConfigs

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: prop fixup

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Enable handover support

--- Changed on 2019-06-10 ---

android_packages_services_Telephony: Add missing null check on start of SipIncomingCallReceiver received.

android_packages_services_Telephony: Fix the drawable resource can't be loaded from RRO package

android_packages_services_Telephony: Fix carrier config option not hidden on a CDMA phone

--- Changed on 2019-06-06 ---

android_frameworks_base: base: Add check if Font has valid context

--- Changed on 2019-06-05 ---

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Switch to NXP NFC stack

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Add QCOM's WFD implementation

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Sync extractors with templates

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845-common: Use ims.apk from daisy

android_build_make: build: Replace pushd with cd

android_build_make: lunch: Use cd - instead of popd

android_build_make: envsetup: Add support for ZSH

--- Changed on 2019-06-04 ---

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Add some graphics props

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Update fingerprint to PQ3A.190605.003

android_frameworks_base: QS: Add advanced location tile options

android_frameworks_base: Revert "QS: LocationTile: make it cycle modes"

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Adjust bottom padding

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Sepolicy- Address some more denials

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Sepolicy- Address various denials

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: whatsapp use hal1

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: enable button light support

--- Changed on 2019-06-01 ---

android_device_motorola_potter: potter: update build desc

--- Changed on 2019-05-31 ---

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: msm8996-common: overlay: Reconfigure U-Touch for once and for all.

--- Changed on 2019-05-28 ---

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Allow additional gralloc 1.0 buffer usage bits

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Add WITH_LINEAGE_CHARGER for compilation fix

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Fix dependencies

android_device_xiaomi_mido: add SysUI to PRODUCT_DEXPREOPT_SPEED_APPS

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Option to hide/show quicksearchbar

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: nuke sdclang

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: update ipa from LA.UM.7.4.r1-05100-8x98.0

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Reduce video swdev logs

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Add for support 24bit offload playback

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Reduce client buffer size for fast audio output tracks

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Add extra props for VoLTE

--- Changed on 2019-05-27 ---

android_packages_apps_Settings: SimSettings: Add manual SIM provisioning support

android_packages_apps_Snap: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Messaging: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Automatic translation import

android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Settings: Automatic translation import

android_frameworks_base: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_CarbonDelta: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Automatic translation import

android_packages_apps_DeskClock: Automatic translation import

android_frameworks_base: FontService: Disable logspam

android_frameworks_base: base: FontService: Add a error for non-supported font packages

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Re-add for ipacm

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Import data-ipa-cfg-mgr LA.UM.7.6.2.r1-08700-89xx.0

--- Changed on 2019-05-26 ---

android_device_motorola_cedric: cedric: address some vendor_init denials

android_device_motorola_cedric: cedric: sync some config files with stock

android_device_motorola_cedric: cedric: Set vendor security patch level

--- Changed on 2019-05-23 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Restart audio HIDL HAL after decryption

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Remove cpuset foreground boost

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: biometrics: remove useless folder creation rules

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: init: remove audio folder creation remnants

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Remove deprecated BOARD_HAS_QCOM_WLAN_SDK

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Set TARGET_COMPILE_WITH_MSM_KERNEL true

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Set virtual displays to 0

android_frameworks_base: Aggressive Battery: fix auto enable on battery saver

--- Changed on 2019-05-21 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: biometrics: Fix random crashes

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: biometrics: Don't attempt to start if Goodix driver isn't ready

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: biometrics: Create a seperate binder thread pool for gx_fpd

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: biometrics: Update fingerprint hal from P

android_device_motorola_potter: potter: move build fp from init.

--- Changed on 2019-05-20 ---

android_device_sony_common: init_sony: Unmount /sbin on recovery boot

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Track our own common-caf repo

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Add 8dp QS padding

android_device_lge_mako: mako: kill pinner service

android_device_lge_mako: sepolicy: a few more cleanups

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Enable AOD

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Clear the recovery cache in persist on boot

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: parts: Add Vector icons for Dirac Icons taken from

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Add vector images to doze menu. These icons were taken from here:

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: parts: doze: Fix AoD default pref

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: doze: Check if AOD is enabled after boot

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: doze: Move DozeUtils.checkDozeService in an handler

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: doze: Make AOD preference not persistent

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: parts: Add AOD support to Ambient Display

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Return ZeelogXiaomiParts

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Update display props from CAF

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: DiracControl: Add Vector icons for Dirac

android_device_xiaomi_mido: parts: rebrand to DiracControl * Remove all doze things since not working properly * Rename to DiracControl to prevent confusion * Remove strings/layouts for doze services

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Enable camera hal3 by default

--- Changed on 2019-05-19 ---

android_packages_apps_Settings: BasebandVersionDialogController: Don't duplicate baseband

--- Changed on 2019-05-18 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: overlay: Enable Proximity check on screen wake

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Wait for MPCTL to start on boot

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update networkAttributes and radioAttributes from marlin

android_device_oneplus_bacon: sepolicy: Remove persist label and fix formatting.

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Inherit gsm from carbon vendor

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Build Snap camera

--- Changed on 2019-05-17 ---

android_vendor_codeaurora_telephony: Revert "IMS-VT: Low battery handling for Video calls"

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Enable Smooth Streaming for secure video playback

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: enable EIS for gcam

--- Changed on 2019-05-16 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: cleanup GPS properties

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Remove triple buffering and custom VSYNC offsets

android_build_make: build: Support system-as-root A-only backuptool

android_vendor_carbon: carbon: Support system-as-root A-only backuptool

--- Changed on 2019-05-15 ---

android_vendor_carbon: Fonts: Add CircularStd

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Add Sync tile

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: fix the behavior of QS with isDualTarget=true

android_vendor_carbon: privapp-permissions-carbon: Update whitelist for latest Launcher Additions

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Revert "Move Launcher3QuickStep to /product"

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Revert "Require privapp grants for all launcher3 apps"

android_frameworks_av: Stagefright: Do not skip frames in time-lapse-source for high-speed

android_frameworks_av: CameraService: Fix deadlock in binder death cleanup.

android_frameworks_av: Camera: Add support for manual 3A.

android_frameworks_av: Stagefright: Allow setting high-framerates in CameraSource

android_frameworks_av: camera: allow device to append camera parameters

android_frameworks_av: MediaProfiles: Enhance profiles for extended usecases

android_frameworks_av: libmedia: Add 1440p camcorder quality

android_frameworks_av: video: Add QHD & 2K profile for recorder

android_frameworks_av: CamcorderProfiles: add VGA and 4K-DCI profiles

android_frameworks_av: av: compilation fix

android_frameworks_av: libcameraservice: Don't pass NULL args on setCallbacks call

android_frameworks_base: Camera: Extend face detection

android_frameworks_base: CamcorderProfile: Add 1440p camcorder profile

android_device_google_bonito: sepolicy: Remove duplicate slabinfo entries

android_device_zuk_msm8996-common: msm8996-common: sepolicy: Nuke hwservice.te, duplicate declaration.

android_device_lge_mako: mako: sepolicy: Remove persist label

android_device_lge_mako: mako: Remove devicetree from dependencies

--- Changed on 2019-05-14 ---

android_device_motorola_cedric: Remove KeyDisabler class and LiveDisplay 1.0

android_external_google: SystemUIGoogle Makefile: Initial support for OnePlus in-display fingerprint sensor

android_external_google: SystemUIGoogle Makefile: StatusBarSignalPolicy: Hide signal icons for disabled SIMs

android_device_oneplus_sdm845-common: sdm845: update to match carbon on extract script

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Set maximum limit for app labels to 25 characters

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Minor improvements for custom app icons

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Themes: Ensure dialog title changes with themes

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Icon edit: Add fast scrolling to icon pack RecyclerView

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Icon edit: Move resources to our namespace xml's

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Beautify icon edit dialog

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Fix icon editor picking the wrong icon on tap

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Support per-app icon and label customization [1/2]

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update ADSP & Audio blobs from OP3

--- Changed on 2019-05-13 ---

android_device_samsung_i9100: i9100: Remove fuse

android_device_xiaomi_mido: overlay: enable MultiUser UI

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Give light sensor some time to warm up

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: do not cleanup unused fingerprints

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: update fingerprint to 9.0.5

android_frameworks_base: Support per-app icon and label customization [2/2]

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Revert "Add option to allow app names to be two lines"

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Decompiled feed lib with dark theme support

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: sepolicy: Remove persist label

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: audiopolicy: merge usb policy config into main policy config

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: audio: higher maxOpenCount to 4

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: build versioned vndk

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: build libstdc++.vendor for camera hal

android_device_motorola_cedric: sepolicy: drop duplicate declaration

--- Changed on 2019-05-12 ---

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: Reserve 128MB for critical system components.

android_hardware_libhardware_legacy: wifi: Add wifi_set_latency_level() to legacy wifi hal

android_prebuilts_abi-dumps_ndk: Update libnativewindow ABI dump

android: manifest: track our own abi-dump/ndk repo

--- Changed on 2019-05-11 ---

android_hardware_libhardware_legacy: Add wifi_add_or_remove_virtual_intf() to the legacy wifi hal

android_hardware_libhardware_legacy: Add support for TCP/IP over NAN

android_frameworks_base: CamcorderProfiles: Add new profiles for recorder

--- Changed on 2019-05-10 ---

android_vendor_carbon: soong: Add TARGET_USES_QTI_CAMERA_DEVICE

android_system_update_engine: Android: Reset update progress when booted into new version.

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_cryptfs_hw: cryptfs_hw: Choose keymaster version for key signing

android_vendor_qcom_opensource_cryptfs_hw: cryptfs_hw: Add a workaround for metadata encryption

android_system_sepolicy: Allow mediaserver to read device directories

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: Address denials for legacy last_kmsg file

android_system_sepolicy: Allow init to chmod/chown /proc/slabinfo

android_system_sepolicy: Allow init to write to /proc/cpu/alignment

android_frameworks_base: Code improvements for expandable volume panel

android_frameworks_base: Redo expanded volume panel for 9.x

android_frameworks_base: Volume panel: Fix animation

android_frameworks_base: Volume panel: load the bool once

android_frameworks_base: Volume panel: Do the same with less

android_frameworks_base: Allow devices override audio panel location

android_frameworks_base: Add api to take screenshots abc: extracted from DUI add a public call to CrUtils

android_frameworks_base: HW Keys customization support [1/2] Based on DUI

android_frameworks_base: [1/2] base: power: custom button light

android_frameworks_base: Camera: allow camera to use power key as shutter

--- Changed on 2019-05-08 ---

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Change default order of the modes in "Slider Setting" menu

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: Remove Oppo specific featurest

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: build libbthost_if from hardware/qcom

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: disable split a2dp feature

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: add props for VoLTE and VoWifi

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: clean up props

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: prebuilt: update oem init scripts from 9.0.5

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: qti-telephony: enable aosp user preference option

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Add missing radio attribute for ethernet

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Disable use_buffer_age to workaround driver issue

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Enable Wi-Fi MAC randomization

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: update vendor sp to 9.0.5

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: update location from LA.UM.7.4.r1-05000-8x98.0

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: update gps config from 9.0.5

android_device_oneplus_dumpling: dumpling: updater fingerprint to 9.0.5

--- Changed on 2019-05-07 ---

android_device_motorola_cedric: cedric: system.prop: Fix incorrect previewfps integer

android_device_motorola_cedric: cedric: init.mmi.rc: import stock missing config

android_device_motorola_cedric: Revert "cedric: move wcnss-service to late_start"

android_device_motorola_cedric: cedric: sepolicy: cleanup

android_device_motorola_cedric: cedric: import public.libraries.txt

android_device_motorola_cedric: cedric: update init.qcom.rc

android_device_motorola_cedric: cedric: Enable metadata for FDE

android_device_motorola_cedric: cedric: audio: Fix USB audio support

--- Changed on 2019-05-05 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: camera: Revert "Use generated kernel headers"

android_device_xiaomi_mido: Revert "mido: init: Fix display wakeup"

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: camera: VNDK: Added required headers

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: camera: VNDK Compliance changes.

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: hw-qcom-camera: Completed FR49059 and FR49058

--- Changed on 2019-05-01 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Build liboffloadhal

android: manifest: Add vendor/interfaces

--- Changed on 2019-04-30 ---

android_frameworks_base: FOD: dont show FP icons if FOD is in use

android_frameworks_base: fod: prevent reapplying modes if theres no changes

android_frameworks_base: fod: differentiate dreaming and pulse

android_frameworks_base: Initial support for OnePlus in-display fingerprint sensor

android_kernel_oneplus_sdm845: dsi_panel: Always restore panel mode when exiting AOD

android_kernel_oneplus_sdm845: gpu: drm: Force FP pressed if FP mode on

android_device_oneplus_fajita: fajita: remove qs item padding

android_device_oneplus_fajita: 6t: decrease kg bottom area icons

android_device_oneplus_fajita: fajita: Increase max notification count to 5/6

android_device_oneplus_fajita: fajita: Enable FOD overlays

android_build_make: ota: Disable downgrade check

android_device_xiaomi_mido: overlay: Show DocumentsUI internal storage by default

android_device_xiaomi_mido: Revert "mido: gps: merge caf tag LA.UM.7.5.r1-04500-8x96.0"

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Enable support for camera api v2

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: init.qcom.usb.rc: change mtp_tx_req_len value to fix MTP read

android_device_oneplus_fajita: fajita: Add vendor/interfaces to dependencies

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: wifi: set beacon missed count threshold

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Limit hotspot to 12 devices

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2: HAL3: CaptureRequest unblock on timeout.

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2: HAL3: Update ZSL and 4K video check

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2:HAL1: Assigning NULL to deleted pointer.

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2: HAL3: Invalidate cache based on gralloc flag

android_device_xiaomi_mido: Qcamer2: Fix for corrupted last couple of frames

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2: HAL: Fix memory corruption issue.

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2: HAL3: Fix crash in hdrPlusPerfLock()

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2: Fix crash in releaseOngoingPPData.

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2: stoppreview correctly when early preview restart enabled

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2: Increase EXIF table entries.

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2: Fix for incorrect min frame duration

android_device_xiaomi_mido: QCamera2: HAL: Fix padding issue in livesnapshot - 480p_HFR60 & restart device in 1080P_HFR60

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: sepolicy: Remove hci_attach_dev rules from qti_init_shell

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Fix keypad fw update denial

android_device_xiaomi_mido: Revert "mido: add missing ipacm blob"

android_device_xiaomi_mido: Revert "mido: sepolicy: Label sys.post_boot.parsed"

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: BT: cleanup of unused FLAG

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Cleanup & Update USB configuration

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update security patch level

android_device_xiaomi_mido: libui: Allow additional gralloc 1.0 buffer usage bits

android_packages_apps_Snap: Snap: allow to disable image stabilization per device

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: snap: use api v1

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Snap: disable image stabilization

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: camera: skip tintless

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: cameraserver: fix selinux denial

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: enable Wi-Fi STA/AP concurrency

--- Changed on 2019-04-29 ---

android_vendor_carbon: fonts: Add ClearSans-Regular font

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Implement Aggressive Battery [2/2]

android_frameworks_base: Fix NPE when creates wifi tracker

android_packages_services_Telephony: Don't start SIP service before decrypted

android_system_vold: increase timeout for waiting on block device

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Add heads up QS tile

android_system_vold: Switch pattern/PIN constants to match values in cryptfs.h

android_frameworks_base: IMMS should preserve selected IME upon boot

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Readme: Add information

android_device_zuk_z2_plus: z2_plus: Add a device specific ramdisk

android_device_xiaomi_mido: doze: Add Doze to AOSP Display Settings

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Enable DTS_EAGLE audio HAL features

--- Changed on 2019-04-28 ---

android_device_google_wahoo: Only inherit Elmyra for Pixel devices

android_external_google: CustomAction: Add Power button gesture

android_external_google: external/google: Adjust Utils for Carbon

android_device_oneplus_fajita: fajita: Add cutout approximation

android_vendor_carbon: Active edge settings 4/?

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Add power button gesture

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CustomActions: Add ringer modes

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CustomActions: Add support to launch applications [2/2]

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Add a footer to Active Edge settings

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Active edge settings 3/?

android_frameworks_base: CrUtils: Cleanup CrUtils and get rid of FireActions

android_frameworks_base: CrUtils: Add QS panel action [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: CrUtils: Add Volume panel action [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: Navbar: Add Expand notifications action [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: Navbar: Add Clear notifications action [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: ActionUtils: Ringer modes

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